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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Pants, jacket, and bag; F21.  Tank, H&M.  Shoes, Prada.

If you are a regular Hell or High Fashion reader, you may remember that I did a post about these striped pants not too long ago (click here to refresh your memory).  If you're a very devoted reader, you might remember my blog post from over a year ago featuring my 8th grade cheerleading varsity jacket (click here for that very old, very embarrassing post).  I'd say my style has evolved quite a bit since then!   Today, I wanted to feature my updated take on striped pants and varsity jackets.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: I love printed pants!  They have all the ease of a great pair of jeans, but add something special to even the most basic outfit.  I've been struggling with coming up with new ways to wear this particular pair, since I don't own a lot of navy or green clothing to match these jeans and I'm (dare I say it!)  getting a little sick of black.  Enter the most versatile color of the season: maroon! (Fashion tip: referring to maroon as 'oxblood' earns you major high-fashion points.)

I wore this same maroon tank in my last post- I just can't get enough of it!  This color manages to be neutral without being boring, and it somehow seems to match absolutely everything while still adding contrast to any look.  Love it! 

This shrunken varsity jacket is going to be my go-to topper when the LA weather turns chilly.  It doesn't sacrifice fashion for the sake of warmth, which is the mark of a good coat in my book.  My Prada pumps from a few season ago matched perfectly and added a girlish charm to what could've been a pretty androgynous look. 

Lately, I've been all about the accessories so I slipped on my high school class ring to compliment the varsity jacket.  The ribbing on my vintage watch mimicked the stripes on my pants, too- it's the littlest details that make the look!

I want Hell or High Fashion to be a blog that inspires people to cultivate their individual style, so I'm going to start doing a recap at the end of each post of the fashion lessons I'm putting into practice.  I'm excited to try out this new section!  Let me know what you think.

Fashion Tips from "Marooned":

1.  Mix up the way you wear your favorite pieces- an unexpected combo might make for the best outfit!

2.  Maroon (or 'oxblood') acts as a "new neutral".  The color is so deep and rich that it can mix and match with almost anything.  Wear it as an alternative to black!

3.  Accessories make all the difference.  Thinking about little ways to inject your personal style into a basic jeans-and-tee look will take your look to the next fashion level!

I hope this post inspires you to make some unexpected fashion choices!

Also,  it's election day!!  I hope you all got out there and voted.  In the patriotic spirit of the day, here's a snapshot of my red, white, and blue Halloween costume from last week:

Happy Election Day!

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