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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out With the Old

Jacket, Jack.  Boots, Joie.  Dress, Alice & Olivia.
Lately everything in my has been changing, and I thought I'd document some of those changes with my first blog post in almost two months!

My first west coast winter has officially begun, and I'm surprised at how quickly my body forgot what cold actually feels like!  A breezy 60-degree day that previously would've prompted me to pull on shorts and sandals now chills me to the bone, so I've had to stock up on some light layering staples- like this amazing Jack coat I found on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters!

Vest, DVF.
A jacket is usually appropriate in the morning, but by midday the sun is out in full force and I need something a little lighter to throw on over my minidresses.   That's where this amazing rabbit fur DVF vest comes in!  I scooped it up last year when I was working at Diane von Furstenberg, but never got much use out if because Spring was just starting.  It's proven to be the most functional layering piece in my closet!  It keeps me super warm and cozy, but since it's sleeveless I'm not overheating when the sun decides to show up.  
I've also been trying out a new clothing silhouette.  Usually I love the always-flattering 50s hourglass look, but lately I've been gravitating towards short, swingy tent dresses like this cute little number from Alice & Olivia.  

And you know what?  I'm loving the new look!   I can get away with wearing a much shorter skirt when it's paired with a loose and swingy shape up top, and it's fun to mix it up and accentuate my legs!  

I bought these over-the-knee leather boots from Joie to go with my miniskirts- they make a sexy statement that's still covered-up.  I'm obsessed!

Bag, BDG.
After trying out a super-short skirt and loving it, I thought I'd try out super-short hair.  I just chopped my tresses this morning at Vidal Sassoon, and I love the results!  A new haircut always leaves me feeling fresh and ready to start over again, which is just what I needed!

Here's hoping that my new look will inspire me to blog more :)


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Power of Python

Pants, H&M.  Shoes, Missoni for Target.  Top, Theory.  Belt, Pierre Cardin.

Very rarely will you catch me wearing pants.  For me, nothing beats the ease of a dress- a whole outfit in one piece!- or the femininity of a skirt.  But the second I slipped on these sexy snakeskin pants, I knew my days in dresses were numbered.  These trousers have been on heavy rotation in my wardrobe for the past two weeks, and I've never gotten more compliments on a piece of clothing before- which is saying a lot!!

I've worn these python printed pants to styling gigs, video shoots, and to my retail day job and they've been praised by rockstars, stylists, and housewives alike.  I never want to take them off!!

I decided to pair them with a simple black Theory shirt that wouldn't steal the spotlight.  A red belt from Pierre Cardin served to break up the black-and-brown color palette while highlighting my waist and accentuating my curves.  

To finish off the look, I added my new and highly-coveted Missoni for Target pumps!  When the M4T line launched, I missed out on all the goodies here in LA- every Target in the city was sold out by 8:10AM!  However, my generous Momma in New Jersey was able to find a few amazing pieces left on the racks back east and scooped up these zig-zag printed heels for me.  They paired perfectly with my pants!

I also can't get enough of the detailing on the back pockets- they're topped off with the softest strips of leather!  

I grabbed my snakeskin Lulu Guinness clutch to add to the reptilian retro look.  

It seems python print is powerful enough to change my stance on pants!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puppy Love

Dress, H&M.  Shoes, J Crew.  Necklace, Alexis Bittar.  Bag, Aldo.  Dog, Monkie.

I can't believe it’s been a whole month since my last post!!  A combination of a broken tripod, a broken computer, and a crazy work schedule kept me away from Hell or High Fashion, but now I’m back and ready to blog!

I found this adorable Scotty-dog-printed dress at Wastleland a while back, and couldn’t believe the price tag: $10, previously from H&M!  The color scheme is so my taste- I'll buy pretty much anything if it's black, white, and red- and the precious printed pups sealed the deal for me.  This piece is more shapless than most of my clothing, but I thought the hard, angular black trim on the collar was a strong enough feature to balance out the billowy cut. 

 I decided to take the dress for a spin while walking Monkie the dog. 

Or rather, Monkie took me for a spin!

I recently started working at the Alexis Bittar boutique in Hollywood, and fell head over heels for the amazing jewelry Alexis creates.  I found this Alexis Bittar pearl necklace on eBay for super cheap and won a bidding war to get it into my hands and onto my neck!  I'm obsessed with how chunky the pearls are- it takes away some of the delicacy and makes them the perfect companion for my funky ensembles.  

 I added my favorite J Crew heels to keep it classy!

Sunnies, Ralph Lauren.

For me, this is the perfect daytime outfit.  It's casual, yet pulled together; a little crazy, but subtly so; comfortable and appropriate for pretty much any errand or occasion that might pop up.  

Monkie is such a model!  Look at him posing with my tassled Aldo bag...this could be an editorial photo!!  

Monkie and I love this dress!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work and Play

Dress, Betsey Johnson.  Shoes, F21.  Hat, Urban Outfitters.  Jewelry, vintage.
I recently celebrated my one-month anniversary with the city of Los Angeles, and I haven't been able to  post a blog since!  I finally feel settled in my new town, but I'm still not used to my crazy work schedule:  one day I'm working retail at Betsey Johnson, the next day I'm shopping 'til I drop for rockstars, and the next I'm organizing a towering pile of receipts.  I'm LOVING every aspect of my job, but focusing on other people's style has put a serious cramp in my own.  

Most days I can't be bothered to throw on anything more than a black tank dress or a vintage rock tee, but when I'm working at Betsey Johnson I'm required to put in a bit more effort.  This purple-y/maroon sundress from Betsey is my usual work wear, but today I put it to good use after-hours for a lovely Sunday in Larchmont with my man (who snapped these pics)!

Backpack, F21.
I haven't been giving my hat collection enough attention, so I took this 20s-inspired topper out of the closet to shield me from the sun.  The cloche fit and straw bow make for the most adorable addition to any ensemble!

In the spirit of switching things up, I opted for a vintage-inspired backpack instead of my usual handbag. This simple switch lent the look a whole different vibe- the backpack made me feel playful and ready for adventure, which is exactly what I needed after a long week!

Floral pumps completed the look, along with a few vintage jewels.

This is the most dressed-up I've looked in a long time, which is weird for me- normally I'm overdressed in a skirt and heels daily!  Putting this outfit together reminded me why I love fashion so much: when I dress better, I feel better, and I hope I can start taking time each morning to pick out an outfit that will make me feel amazing, even in the middle of the most hectic day at work.  

P.S.  Although I haven't posted on Hell or High Fashion in a few weeks, I've been tweeting my fashion observations daily!  Follow @CatLadyFashion for more frequent updates!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fancy Pants

Top, DVF.  Pants, Zara.  Clutch, MCM.  Jewelry, Marc by Marc & F21.

I’m currently going through one of those phases where I feel like I have nothing to wear, even though my closet doors are threatening to burst open with overflow at any moment.  Both of my jobs require different work wardrobes, and I feel a bit like a style schizophrenic-  I bounce betweeen florals and tutus for my day job at Betsey, and skinny jeans and rocker chains for my internship.  I feel like my own fashion identity is getting a little lost these days, but I'm using the opportunity to spice up my style and experiment a bit.  First new trend I'm trying?  Pants!

 These wide-leg polka-dot trousers have been waiting for their day in the sun for awhile; I scooped them up at Zara's seasonal sale for $19 and promptly forgot about them.  These particular pants aren't too far out of my usual skirt/dress comfort zone.  Because the legs are so wide and flowy, they actually appear to be a long skirt from certain angles.  Super comfy too!!  I paired them with a simple DVF tee. 

The low scoop in the back of the shirt really makes it for me!  As regular readers know, I am powerless against a garment that shows off my tatttoos.  :)

This look is very simple, so I added some suble contrast by putting spotted leopard pumps against the dotted black pants, and added my MCM clutch to tie in the brown-and-black theme.  I love the subtlty of small, mismatched patterns!

I always worry about wearing pants, because I'm afraid they'll make me look stumpy.  This pair changed my mind though-  I feel tall and slim, and I've never been more comfortable.  I'm glad to say that I now wear the pants!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Girl

Dress, Halston Heritage.  Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane.  Bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Yesterday I turned 22, and my favorite part of my birthday is picking out a birthday outfit!  This year I wanted to look glamorous, mature, sophisticated, and effortless and ended up in this chich Halston Heritage sheath.  I picked it up at my new favorite second-hand store, Wasteland, a few days ago and knew it would be perfect for my birthday festivities!

Pumps, Zara.  Bag, Ferragamo.
I love the sleek, minimalist style of the one-shouldered gown, and even though it's a bit shapeless- where's my waistline??- I think it works because it shows off the shoulders and legs.  I picked nude pumps to enlongate my legs; this pair from Zara almost perfectly matches my skin tone, fooling the eye into thinking the 4 extra inches added to my frame are natural.  One of my favorite fashion tricks!

My pearl-and-panther necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane lent the right amount of razzle-dazzle, and I threw on a Marc by Marc Jacobs snake bracelent and a few rings to jazz up a simple dress-and-heels combo.

Sunnies, Ralph Lauren. 
A pair of cat-eye glasses from Ralph Lauren upped the glitz factor!

Birthdays are the best excuse to get glammed up, even if your plans don't include a fancy evening out.  While this dress is most certainly an evening gown, I wore it out to a casual buffalo wing joint and felt like I was in a 5 star restaurant!  Fashion is all about having fun, and this dress accompanied me on one of those most fun nights I've ever had!!

Happy birthday to me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Neutral Territory

Dress, Diane von Furstenberg.  Shoes, Zara.  Bag, MCM.  Belt, H&M.  Necklace, F21.
When deciding what to wear every morning, my goal is to choose outfits that will stand out in the crowd.  I'm a shy person and have trouble taking the initiative when talking to people, so I let my look do the talking for me!  I love when people can get a sense of who I am based on the clothing I'm wearing- I want my style to say that I'm classy, classic, fun, professional, quirky, intelligent, etc., depending on where I'm going.  Generally I rely on stark whites, dramatic darks, or flashy brights to get my point across, but this gold DVF dress showed me that neutral colors can really stand out when accessorized to perfection.

The golden hue of this classic DVF piece is sensational- while it is part of the brand's pre-fall collection (picture it with dark brown leather boots and a fur vest...mmm), the way the summer sunlight hits the fabric  makes it the perfect choice for a summer day dress as well.  I added a light tan belt for some contrast and matched it to my Zara nude pumps.

As soon as I got this dress I knew it called for a stand-out statement necklace, and I found the best bling for my buck at Forever 21.  The copper and gold jewels add just the right amout of intrigue without overpowering the simplicity of the shift dress.  My oversize vintage MCM clutch is a great mix between a delicate evening bag and an everyday carry-all and serves as an unexpected finishing touch.  

My favorite details in this outfit?  The zipper that spans the length of the back of the dress,

and pockets!

Putting together this look helped me conquer my fear of neutrals; instead of blending in beige, I'm getting noticed in gold!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Earning My Stripes

Dress, Karen Millen.  Shoes, J Crew.

 When I was younger, my family was very big on the "rewards system", where a good accomplishment always warranted a treat.  I've continued this tradition into my adulthood, and was compelled to treat myself to a new dress (or two...or three...) when I was offered a new job this week!  I've started working at the Betsey Johnson boutique in Beverly Hills, and I couldn't be more excited about it...  especially because my store is surrounded by lots of another amazing shops that just happen to be having huge summer sales!

On my break I skipped over to the Karen Millen boutique and snagged this striped sundress for over 70% off!

It was the first dress that caught my eye when I entered the shop, and there was only one left- in my size, no less- so I knew it was meant to be.  The quirky colors are perfectly colorblocked into the simple stripes, and even though there's a lot going on (color AND pattern), it works because the hues are subdued rather than in-your-face bright.

Plus, this Karen Millen creation came complete with a waist-cinching belt.  

Sunnies, Ralph Lauren.

I paired it with prim and proper pumps from J Crew and added my favorite Ralph Lauren frames to keep the look clean and classic.  This outfit is definitely going to be in heavy rotation this summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Golden State

Dress, Jovovich-Hawk.  Belt, H&M.  Shoes, J Crew.

Welcome to my first Los Angeles blog post!!  I've been in LA for a whole week now, and I am absolutely loving it.  My days have been spent unpacking, decorating my new digs, and scoping out my new town- especially the best shopping spots!  I managed to do a lot of thrifting damage in just one week, and the Jovovich-Hawk dress and J Crew pumps are evidence of my inability to control myself when up against a good deal!

My new favorite store, Wasteland, is a treasure trove of  used designer goodies.  I scored this sweet little floral print dress there for only $45-- new Jovovich-Hawk pieces go for hundreds!  What a deal!  

I loved the 40s elegance of the puffed sleeves, nipped-in waist, and fringe detailing, and the golden floral print feels very "LA" to me; everywhere I go girls are dressed up in little 90s flower print pieces, and I wanted to get in on the action in my own unique way.  I added an H&M sash belt to break up the print and (surprise, surprise!) whittle the waistline.

While the dress is very conservative in the front, it features a sexy slit down the back which perfectly frames my tattoo!!  I'm a sucker for anything that shows off my ink :)

Bag, Simply Vera by Vera Wang.
I paired it with brand new J Crew pumps featuring feminine detailing, and I threw on a faux alligator skin Simply Vera bag to add to the lady-like look.  

An up-close look at the pretty print and fun fringe:

Here's hoping that the rest of my time in LA is as amazing as this first week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Animal Instincts

Dress and bag, vintage.  Belt, Ferragamo. Shoes, H&M.  Cat, Benny.
When I was packing for my big move out to California, I had to go through my closet piece by piece to determine what to take and what to leave.  Whittling down my wardrobe like this was a wonderful experience- I rediscovered pieces that I had forgotten about and reinvented my basics with long-lost accessories.  I also realized that a large portion of my clothing is animal-print!

Usually "animal-print" brings to mind leopard spots or zebra stripes, but I mean the phrase quite literally- I have a shirt covered in cartoon cockatoos, an awesome skirt with an owl on it, a kitten covered romper, and the list goes on and on.  One of my favorite animal prints is this vintage butterfly dress.

Most of these animal articles are creations that recall crazy cat ladies, so I decided to pose with one of my kitties, Benny!  He loved the attention and the camera loved him.

The colors in this dress feel so fresh and spring-y, so I matched my nail polish to the butterflies.  The mint green polish that I found is my new favorite, and I'll be rocking it all summer long!

This combo is going to be my go-to look for summer.  The material is light and airy, the colors are crisp, and the belt adds just enough intrigue; I can see this look going anywhere from a walk on the boardwalk to a barbeque or a summer evening soiree.

Benny likes it too!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coast to Coast

Dress, Zara.  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.  Necklace, F21.  Sunnies, AO.
Tomorrow night I'm packing up my Mustang and driving across the country, from New Jersey to California!   My big move has got me thinking about the different styles and trends coast to coast, and I'm defnitely an East Coast girl (at least fashion-wise).  

My closet is a sea of little black dresses, which are totally appropriate in New York- but I'll definitely look a little out of place covered head-to-toe in dark colors in the LA sunshine.  Instead of pairing these LBDs with simple black pumps, I tried to jazz up my look with funky booties, strands of pearls, and matching sunnies. 

Sitting on the hood of a yellow car also helped brighten up my style!

When I visited LA a few weeks ago, I found one of my best bargains to date in these AMAZING Jeffrey Campbell booties.  I had been eyeing the shoes online, waiting for them to be marked down from $200, when I stumbled across them in Wasteland (my new favorite consignment shop).  These beauties were mine for only $42!!

Booties, Jeffrey Campbell.  
Speaking of bargain hunting, I decided to do a little shopping in my brother's closet- "borrowed from the boys" has been a huge trend for the past few seasons- and came out with the perfect aviator frames.  Joey had ordered these a few years ago from American Optical, the company that supplies military pilots with their sunglasses, and never wore them.  I tried them on and instantly knew I had to borrow (or steal) them.  They looked just right with my new boots!

I threw on jumbled pearls and toted around my Lulu Guinness lips clutch to top off the outfit. 

This particular little black dress has quickly become my favorite, because all of the simple little details balance each other out beautifully.  The high neckline plays against the short hemline, the pleated skirt keeps it from being too stuffy, and the cutout back gives the dress some sex appeal!

I'm confident that this outfit will travel seamlessly between the east and west coasts- wish me luck on my drive!!