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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Read My Lips

As you can probably tell by now, my favorite way to finish off every outfit is with a swipe of red lipstick.  I've rocked this retro look every day for the last four years, so it should come as no surprise that I've been lusting over Lulu Guinness' iconic Lips Clutch for quite some time.  However, my college wallet kept me and the bag of my dreams apart-- until eBay intervened.  I'm happy to say I'm now the proud owner of my very own puckered-up purse!!

I decided to take the clutch for a spin when I went out to dinner tonight.

Clutch, Lulu Guinness.  Dress, Tracy Feith.  Jacket, Silence & Noise.  Belt, vintage.  Shoes, BCBG.

I've always thought the color red was best complemeted by black and white- it creates a very crisp, clean look with a little sass thrown in.  To make the clutch the focal point of the outfit, I stuck with a basic black dress and a classic tweed blazer.  

I added touches of red throughout the outfit to balance out the wow-factor of the Lips Clutch.  A red and gold fly brooch pinned to my jacket and a skinny leather bow belt lent the right amount of retro while simple pearls kept it classy.

Belt, vintage.  Brooch, H&M.  Pearls, vintage.

I received too many compliments to count on this purse- proof that it was a good purchase!  The only complaint I have is that it's too small to tote around on a day-to-day basis.  It's definitely not a bag that will go with every outfit, but at least I know that when I do wear it out I'll definitely be noticed!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick Style

I've been holed up in my studio for the past few days (which explains the lack of posts) sniffling, sneezing, and coughing up a storm.  While watching reality TV marathons and catching up on my rest, I rarely stepped out of my sweats and was dreading the fact that today I had to leave the house and actually put some effort into my outfit.  Lucky for me, I found the perfect dress in my closet to keep me stylish through my sickness!

Dress, DVF.  Flats, Prada.  Necklace, H&M.  Socks, Target.

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this DVF wrap dress.  It's made out of the softest sweat-shirt material, which makes it super cozy, yet it has feminine detailing like the lace edges and satin belt to keep it looking pulled-together.  Cute outfit with zero effort?  Yes please!

I added the H&M bib necklace to up the sparkle-factor; it matched my Prada flats perfectly.  

Flats, Prada.

The knit thigh-highs kept me cozy and played on the 'ballerina' look of the dress.  I've always admired the thrown-together-and-layered look that dancers always seem to rock and thought the flouncy skirt, satin bow, and thigh-highs combo was a nice little tribute.

But the best part about this outfit?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Same Shirt, Different Day

Top, DVF.  Skirt, H&M.  Shoes, BCBG.

Ever since I became the proud owner of this DVF top I've been wearing it non-stop.  It just seems to go with everything; pair it with high waisted cropped pants for a secretary-gone-bad vibe, or with a long, flowy skirt for a vintage-inspired feel.   Today, I decided to send Spring vibrations out to the universe with the hopes of quickening its arrival.

I think the reason I'm so drawn to this particular piece is because it seems as if it were rescued from my grandmother's closet or uncovered in an antique shop, yet it's a brand new find from Resort 2011.  It has the look of vintage without any wear-and-tear, and therefore has become my new favorite article of clothing!

I just picked up this skirt from H&M the other day and coudn't wait to test-drive it!  It's not quite January-appropriate, but I couldn't resist the florals-and-butterflies combo.  Clearly it's inspired by the Stella McCartney spring runway show, but it's far enough away from the real deal that it can't be considered a knock-off.  And while I definitely couldn't afford Stella's beautiful version, this skirt only set me back $39!

I let the loud print and exaggerated shoulders speak for themselves and paired the combo with bare legs and simple black heels.  Anything else would've felt too busy for me; I like to keep things simple rather than pile on the layers.

To brave the great outdoors I added a camel coat and sunglasses.  Tres chic!

Coat, F21.  Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Wonder-What-To-Wear

The weather in Boston has been disasterous lately!  The Bay State's been plagued by snowstorms for the past month or so, and today was no exception.  First it started snowing, which then turned into rain, and finally turned into ice...all of which resulted in me staring into the dark abyss of my closet, wondering what options I had.  

Normally, I throw caution to the wind when it comes to weather and continue to wear skirts and heels no matter what the weather man predicts.  But the inches-deep puddles and sheets of ice defeated my fashionista spirit today; what makes that even worse was that it was the first day of school!  The Blair-Waldorf-with-a-twist outfit I'd painstakingly selected with the hopes of making a good impression wasn't any match for the great outdoors.   (Hopefully I'll post that look later in the week!)

On my (delayed) subway ride into school, I started contemplating what cold-weather wardrobe staples were missing from my collection.  This morning it seemed as if leggings, boots, and whatever shirt would cover my bum were the only items making the cut...but there has to be a way to stay stylish in the snow!  

The next time a storm hits, I'll be prepared with these:

Rainboots, Jimmy Choo for Hunter.
These boots manage to be both style- and snow-saavy.  The faux-croc pattern adds a touch of glamour while the Hunter seal assures that your toes won't be froze!  AND they're on sale on saks.com, so there's no excuse not to get them.  Add some welly socks for extra warmth.

Fur vest, DVF.

I recently splurged on this fur vest from Diane von Furstenberg, and I'm so glad I did!  It keeps me cozy and cool and is perfect for layering over sweaters and under jackets.  

I also love this version from Forever 21:

A fur vest is the ultimate extra layer, adding glamour and making the weather bearable.  Plus, they transition beautifully into spring (I cannot wait!).  

And don't forget to add the extras...    My vintage fur pillbox hat kept my hair dry and my spirits high!

Fur hat, vintage.  Camel coat, F21.

How do you stay cute in the cold??

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Professional Pin-Up

Recently I switched jobs and went from an environment with no dress code at all to a work place that has very strict rules about what and what not to wear.  While I absolutely LOVE my new job, it has put somewhat of a damper on my personal style.  I'm still struggling to find ways to put together work-appropriate looks that still feel like me.   I hate buying clothing that can only work for one occasion; if I committ to spending money on an item, I want to know it'll be worth it when considering cost-per-wear.  

Top and pants, DVF.  Shoes, Prada. Necklace, vintage.
This is one of my favorite looks for the work day because it's simple and professional, but it also channels the "librarian -- pin-up" vibe that I love so much.  The slightly high-waisted and cropped pant and the retro 50's sweater are pieces that I'll wear over and over in different ways.  

These simple DVF black pants are quickly becoming my favorite!  The fit is just perfect; simple enough to be versatile but stylized enough to feel fresh.  Head over to DVF.com and get your own here!

The sweater is also DVF.  I fell in love with the intricate detailing on the sleeves.

The cameo necklace and Prada pumps added a subtle pop of color to the outfit.

  Prada is one of my favorite designers for shoes; their footwear is always beautiful without being prissy.  The square toe on these (second-hand) pumps balances out the girly, baroque-ness of the color/print combo.     

These pieces are all first-string players in my closet, for both workin' and the weekend.  Here's hoping I'll continue to translate my personal style into my work wear!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Secret Garden

I've been stepping out of my color comfort zone of black and white lately, and trying to wear softer, more feminine tones.  I found this wonderful floral dress at Forever 21 last night and couldn't wait to wear it!   It's definitely a 'spring' piece, but I decided to warm it up with tights, boots, and a touch of fur to make it wearable for now.

Dress, Forever 21.  Boots, vintage.

I finally put one of my favorite vintage bags to use.  It doesn't get much attention because of the limited about of brown in my wardrobe, but it was the perfect complement to tonight's outfit.

Although I absolutely love the print of this dress, the cut really isn't that flattering.  The shape and fabric make it difficult to belt at the waist, so I felt like my figure was lost in floaty florals.  Enter the cropped jacket!

I featured this vintage fur jacket here as well.  Since it hits right at the waist, it creates the same illusion that a belt would.  The solid, light color focuses the attention and breaks up the boxy fit of the dress. 

I added a vintage cameo necklace and vintage lace up boots to complete the look.  

All of the pieces in this outfit cost me less than $25 each!  It's proof that if you have the right shopping skills you can look extra chic for super cheap :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Penny Loafin'

While out thrifting the other day, I found the perfect addition to my shoe collection: penny loafers!  These  Barney's New York snakeskin beauties were too wonderful to pass up, and they only ran me $7.25.  Once I brought the loafers back home to be introduced to their new closet-mates, however, I realized I had absolutely no idea how to wear them.  The only thing I was sure of was that I needed to put pennies in them!

Thrifted loafers, Barney's New York by way of Buffalo Exchange.

I decided that tradionally 'old-man' footwear would shine with a classic silhouette and quirky details.  I went the menswear-inspired route and paired cuffed Alice and Olivia pants with a vintage cockatoo-printed tank.  

Pants and belt, Alice and Olivia.  Top, vintage.

Men around the world will shudder when they lay their eyes upon this outfit (judging by my boyfriend's reaction), but I personally think it's sartorial genius.   

Who doesn't love a good cockatoo blouse??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Standout Neutrals

Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane.  Jacket, Vintage.  Tank, Balenciaga.  Clutch, MCM.

Generally, I don't like to repeat outfits; I try to keep my fashion fresh by never combining pieces into the same exact look.    This combo, however, has been an exception to my rule:

Jeans, MNG.  Shoes, F21.

I love the look of neutrals and the idea wearing a crisp, clean, no-fuss outfit, but the minimalism trend isn't one that really suits my style.  I prefer to wear my neutral-colored pieces in a way that adds some intrigue.   One way to ensure that your outfits don't look too matchy-matchy is to rock pieces with different textures.  I'm drawn to the matching colors but clashing textures of this silk Balenciaga tank and vintage fur-trimmed jacket.  

The vintage MCM clutch and Kenneth Jay Lane pearl-and-panther necklace add some funky touches to an outfit comprised of delicate materials.   Jeans lend a casual vibe and nude pumps finish off the look!

BTW, all the elements of this outfit came from the same store: Second Time Around.  Check out their website for a list of locations and go get yourself some elegant neutrals to add to your closet!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black/Gold, Texas/Tea

As promised, I centered today's outfit around a pair of flats.

Today's shoes brought to you by: DVF!
Flats, Diane von Furstenberg

I decided to go with a "black and gold" theme and combined all of my favorite pieces in this color combo into one very coordinated outfit. 

Dress, DVF.  Bag, Ferragamo.  Necklace, F21.

This dress is one of my favorite pieces.  I've always been a fan of Diane von Furstenberg's iconic wrap dresses, and this a different (but just as flattering) spin on the classic piece.  This "faux-wrap" is a bit more youthful, especially in the vintage hearts print.

I've been obsessed with this teensy tiny Ferragamo bag since I first laid eyes on it.  It's only big enough to carry a credit card and my lipstick- not even a phone- so I only use it when my boyfriend comes along to tote my extras in his pockets.  

Bag, Ferragamo.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I have an unhealthy obsession with animal jewelry.  I'm lucky the folks at Forever 21 have decided to feed my addiction at affordable prices.  This spider and/or beetle necklace is a permanent wardrobe staple.

Necklace, Forever 21.

I'm not usually this color-coordinated, but being a little matchy-matchy every so often is good for the soul :)

Special thanks to Kim for taking these pics!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be Sharp, See Flats

For a self-declared high heel junkie, I've somehow amassed quite the collection of flats.  I was cleaning out my closet recently (read: trying on everything I own in one of those 'I-have-nothing-to-wear' panics) and realized that I've been completely neglecting some of my shoe babies.  My new goal is to give my flats as much love as I do my pumps...they can be very chic and fashion forward in their own special way.

Flats, Chanel

I got these amazing Chanel flats second hand awhile back...as you can see I wore them down pretty badly!  It has been too long since these gems were in my rotation, the back of the closet is no place for Chanel!

Flats, Ferragamo

I scooped up these vintage babies at Second Time Around when I used to work there.  They were just too cute to pass up, but I don't have a lot of lavender in my wardrobe so they don't get the attention they deserve.   I'm picturing them for spring with high waisted black shorts and a 50s style cardi!

Flats, Prada
These Pradas are my pride and joy!  As we all know, I love a little sparkle- and these are like disco balls on my feet.  I adored these so much that I bought another pair in bronze.  However, they're the teensiest bit too tight...here's hoping my feet shrink.

And finally...my brand new purchase!

Flats, Reed Krakoff
I bought these on super-sale at Saks yesterday.  They're by Reed Krakoff, the head designer for Coach.  I'm not a fan of most Coach products, but Krakoff's own spinoff line has been genius!  I'm dying for one of his bags...but until I raise the $6000 I need to own one these flats will have to suffice.  The simple black matte/patent leather combo evokes Audrey Hepburn, but the slightly off-center bows give them a funky, modern spin.  

Tomorrow I'm going to aim to create an outfit around one of these pairs!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Perfect Presents

On my way out the door today I realized that every piece I was wearing was a gift from someone else.  It's funny how presents from such different people came together in an outfit that felt so completely my own.  I'm a very lucky girl to have loved ones who know me so well!!

Leopard coat, vintage.

These are quick, out-the-door photobooth shots, but you get the picture.   

 The leopard coat is a gift from my Nanny; it was hers in the 60s.  I love the swingy fit and the slightly cropped sleeves, and although it's vintage it still feels relevant today.  A love for over-the-top pieces must run in the family!

Bow clutch, Marc Jacobs.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch is one of my go-to bags.  It's big enough to fit the essentials (and then some) and it's easy to carry.   My boyfriend got it for me last Christmas.  It was the first gift he ever picked out for me, and after receiving it I knew he was a keeper!  The bow detailing is perfect- it's simple but still makes a statement (that statement being:  I have the best boyfriend!).  

Suede wedges, Wild Pair.

Wedges are the perfect shoes: they add height without taking away comfort.  This funky pair was a gift from a client I used to work with, Tiffany.  I wore these shoes for 2 weeks straight after I got them!  They go with absolutely everything, but they're anything but basic.  The curvy shape of the wedge makes them the focal point of any outfit.    

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Pouf Dress

Dress, Anna Sui.  Blazer, DVF. 

I have yet to find a suitable location to take my pictures.  My apartment has terrible lighting, and by the time I get out of work it's already dark outside...it might be time to buy more lamps.  

Bag, Mulberry for Target.

I've always been drawn to dresses/outfits that nip in at the waist and pouf out over the hips.   This may be due to the fact that I've also always been drawn to chocolate.   Dresses that nip are the perfect way to look like you've shed 10 pounds without actually doing any work, extra points for adding a belt to emphasize that tiny-lookin' waist!

Belt, Betsey Johnson.

Any outfit looks better with some sparkle, so I added these:
Glitter slingbacks, DVF.