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Monday, November 19, 2012

Comfy Cozy

Jacket, vintage.  Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Clutch, F21.  Boots, Joie.
There is a common misconception that fashion = pain.  This feeling is justified in some cases; high heels generally aren't the most comfortable things, and the torture devices known as Spanx have become a necessity due to the popularity of bodycon dressing.  But fashion doesn't have to hurt! 

It's so easy to slip into sweats and a tee-shirt on days off, but I knew I could find an outfit that was comfortable, cozy, AND chic to wear on my day off this week.  Enter the tent dress!

I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress at Wasteland a long time ago.  I almost didn't bother trying it on- even though I loved it, this dress is a size XS (which I definitely am not). I convinced myself that it could work anyway, and I was so happy that it did!  

 The dress has two layers: a plain black slipdress topped with a lacey purple overlay.  This doubled-up feature creates a lot of texture, so the piece looks styled even though I just threw it on.  Just as comfy as sweats!

While I find a swingy tent dress to be comfy, I don't necessarily think this style flatters my body.  To balance out the volume of my dress, I chose a boxy vintage jacket.  The bottom of the jacket skims the top of my hips, creating a slimmer shape amidst the billowy layers.  To top it off, the fur collar kept me cozy and warm while I was running errands! 

I love that the jacket added two more textures to the look:  I mixed silk, lace, fur, and a woven fabric.  To throw a few more into the mix, I added over-the-knee leather boots and a faux leather/suede clutch.  Texture is an oft overlooked way of adding intrigue to an outfit.  As an example,  you could be wearing head-to-toe black but if you've mixed monochrome leather, lace, and denim your look is on a whole other level!

Here's an up-close look at my texture details:

Fashion Tips from "Comfy Cozy":

1.  Challenge yourself to find comfortable ways of dressing that still feel fashionable.  When you feel good, you get more done- it's a fact! 

2.  If you're shopping and you find something you love, try it on!  Even if your mind tells you that it's the wrong size or it won't be flattering, you really never know until you try.  You could be pleasantly surprised!

3.  A boxy jacket streamlines your figure.  Wear one over a flouncy dress to temper a volumionous skirt, or even over jeans and a tee to balance out wide hips.   

4. Spice up your look by playing with texture:  a silk cami under a leather jacket, a tweed blazer over a denim buttondown, etc.  The unexpected mix is just plain cool!

Here's to being creatively comfy!

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