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Monday, October 14, 2013

No Sweat

Welcome back to Hell or High Fashion!  Life has been pretty crazy lately and I'm sad to admit that Hell or High Fashion had to take a backseat to my "day job" blog, stylehaus.com/blog.  Have you been checking it for daily style updates??

While the stylehaus blog covers lots of different topics, it doesn't ever touch on my personal style, bargain finds, style tips, or outfit details.  After lots of questions about when Hell or High Fashion was going to make a comeback, I decided to bring it back for good...fingers crossed!

I'm going to take a more laid-back approach to this new phase of double-blogging- I'll post here when I want to/have time to, no stressing over it- so what better way to re-launch HOHF than with a laid-back look?  I've been super into making sweatpants stylish lately, and it's much easier than it sounds.  This outfit has been a go-to look for me when I want to be comfy but the situation requires a pulled-together presentation.

Top, Forever 21.  Shorts, thrifted.  Shoes, Topshop.  Necklace, Zara.

Let's start with the shorts: Bermuda shorts (yes, the same style that's generally synonymous with tourists and Florida retirement communities) are back.  They showed up all over the Spring 2014 runways, and somehow designers like Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg made Bermudas look edgy instead of elderly.  After seeing them over and over again in badass materials like leather and fishnet, I dug up an old pair of soft gym shorts to try to get the look for myself.  I think they work!  The slouchy fit and frayed hem feel effortless and cool for the new style season.

Once I had the shorts, I had to figure out what to wear them with.  Structured tops didn't look right, and luxurious materials made the shorts look dingy- so I scoured Forever 21 for the perfect matching top (on the cheap) and came up with this embellished gem.  This sweatshirt is the perfect compliment to my repurposed gym shorts because it doesn't stray too far from its casual counterpart- the heather gray material and rolled up sleeves are all loungewear, but the floral shaped crystals take the look to a luxe place.  Perfect!

An exaggerated statement necklace from Zara made the outfit a little more glamorous while adding a pop of color, and my favorite Lucite-heeled Topshop shoes were a neutral (but still fab) touch.  I toted around a structured bag from Ferragamo to add some shape to the look, and voila!  Laid-back glamour to the max.

Style Tips from "No Sweat":

1.  Fashion doesn't always equal "uncomfortable".  If you want to stay comfy & cozy, there's a way to do it that doesn't involve looking like you just rolled out of bed.  Stylized sweats are becoming more and more popular, and silky harem pants are another comfy way to stay in style! Remember to add a few statement accessories like a big necklace or an edgy clutch to the mix so that it's clear your look is laid-back, not lazy.  

2.  Bermuda shorts are "in"!  While this is great news for gals who aren't fans of baring their booties, it's still a tricky trend to navigate.  Like I mentioned, Bermuda cuts were formerly relegated to an older crowd, so many shoppable versions in stores right now won't work for a younger clientele.  To find the best Bermudas for your young body, look for a straight leg cut that's not too tight or too baggy.  Slouchy materials like loose silks or thin leathers will evoke the laid-back luxury of the new trend, but if you want to stick to denim then look for a "boyfriend" fit that hits just above the knee.  

3.  Old clothes collecting dust in the back of your closet are probably there for a reason- or else you'd have thrown them out by now, right?  Everything old becomes new again, so keep your eye on cutting-edge fashion sites to scout out new trends as they arise.  Chances are, you'll be able to recreate the look from pieces you already have in your closet- you just might have to get creative.  Maybe your old gym shorts will become your new go-to pair, or maybe an old high school tee makes a perfect (and authentic) ironic-hipster statement.  You don't always have to buy something new to wear something new!

Have the questions been piling up since I've been out of blog land? If you're interested in getting a new look but don't know how to go about it, don't hesitate to ask me for help!  I'll write a dedicated blog post about any reader questions I get...leave yours in the comments or send me your questions through Facebook or Twitter!