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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Days Of Pants

After 5 Days Of Dresses, I wasn't quite ready to commit to another 5 days of baring my legs with skirts...and so began 5 Days Of Pants! Since I had been turning to standard blue jeans during my style rut, I wanted to show myself that it's possible to wear jeans and still look fashion-forward.

Day 1

Top, Topshop.  Jeans, Forever 21.  Purse, Ferragamo.  Shoes, Steve Madden.

On Day 1 of 5 Days Of Pants I actually built the outfit around my top!  I bought this fierce, fuzzy sweater from Topshop in the midst of my dress phase and could not wait to wear it.  I thought the slate gray color would pair really nicely with navy (that color combo is huge for fall!), so I dug around in my closet and came up with these blue plaid jeans from Forever 21.  Since my shirt was so cuddly and...big, a structured navy Ferragamo bag gave the outfit some shape.  I added black heels to bring another nuetral into the mix, and topped it off with a 60s-inspired sphere ring.  I loved this outfit!

Day 2

Jeans, H&M.  Top, Forever 21.  Blazer, Vintage.  Shoes, Sam Edelman.  Hat, Nordstrom.

On Day 2 I ran back to my go-to jeans.  The contrast of something casual with something fancy is always fun, so I decided to pair them with a delicate beaded tank top- very 1920s.  Since I was headed to work, I threw a neutral blazer and nude pumps into the mix, but it still felt a little too plain.  Instead of reaching for a statement necklace or a fun piece of jewelry to jazz it up, I grabbed a baseball hat!  Baseball caps are actually super on-trend this season, and this one gave my outfit the pop that it needed.

Day 3

Shirt, Zara.  Pants, Forever 21.  Shoes, Mi Piaci.

I spent Day 3 changing my license plates, getting a smog check, and sitting at the DMV for 3 hours...so needless to say, I was looking to be comfortable.  I reached for a comfy pair of black ankle pants and a black tee shirt.  Since these pieces were soooo basic, I knew I needed to amp things up with my footwear.  I grabbed purple crystal-embellished brogues that I bought on my trip to New Zealand Fashion Week and called it a day. Purple lipstick instead of my usual red gave the whole look a goth-y vibe.  This is probably the only time you will ever see me with my hair up!

Day 4

Pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim.  Top, Nordstrom.  Necklace, Forever 21.

Day 4 was spent filming a segment on red carpet fashion at work, so I wanted to look polished.  I turned to my wide-leg pants from 3.1 Phillip Lim (I last wore them here), and added a black cropped sweater.  To give some warmth to the black and white look, I chose a wide brown belt with bronze detailing.  Since gold is warm tone (and silver is cool), I knew that my chunky gold chain link necklace would be the perfect accessory.  My shoes didn't matter, because you never saw them under my pant legs, but I wore my highest black heels to make my legs look as long as possible!

Day 5

Top, blazer, and belt, H&M.  Jeans, Naked & Famous.  Clutch, MCM.  Shoes, Steve Madden. Necklace, Topshop.

For Day 5 I was back to jeans, but this time I reached for a pair from Naked & Famous.  This brand seriously makes the perfect jeans:  there's very little stretch, so they keep their shape and wear really well!  When I first got them, they were long and boot cut, but after seeing this street style shot I was inspired to chop them into ankle jeans with a pair of kitchen scissors!  I like the result- they look just a little more chic than the originals.  Turtlenecks are back in style (yay!), and I wore mine under a grey and navy (there's that color combo again...) blazer with the arms pushed up.  A big belt buckle and a statement necklace added some pizzazz, and my MCM clutch served as a pop of (neutral) color.

I didn't have as much fun during 5 Days Of Pants as I did with my dresses, but all in all I'm proud that I pushed myself to take denim and comfy pants to another level.  It just goes to show that you can be comfortable and cool with a little styling!

Stay tuned for 5 Days Of Skirts!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Five Days of Dresses

I've been in a pretty deep fashion rut.  

Living in Los Angeles was starting to take its toll on my style; I succumbed to the easy, laid-back vibe of the city and could hardly be bothered to dress up the same jeans-and-tee-shirt combo past a pair of high heels.  Balancing my career as a social media coordinator and writer at my day job (read my blogs on stylehaus.com/blog!) with  my own start-up business as a personal shopper leaves little time (and money) for shopping, so my wardrobe hasn't been getting any new action, either.

Finally, something snapped me out of my funk last week!  After reorganizing my closet and selling half of it to Wasteland, I decided to challenge myself. My new "5 Days Of..." challenge means that I spend 5 days wearing one kind of clothing- 5 Days of Dresses, 5 Days of Skirts, etc. in the hopes of reigniting my passion for (my own) fashion.  To ensure that I don't cheat, I'm documenting my challenge on Hell or High Fashion. Here are my 5 Days of Dresses!

Day 1.

Dress, Cynthia Vincet.  Boots, Joie.  Clutch, MCM.  Necklace, Forever 21.

On Day 1, I wanted to make sure that I stayed comfy- the last thing I needed was an uncomfortable dress to make me regret my self-imposed challenge.  I opted for this Cynthia Vincent sweater dress (which I pulled out of the donation pile at the last second) with over-the-knee boots, an oversized MCM clutch, and a chain-link necklace.  I like this look because it's pretty basic, but mixes neutrals in a fun and unexpected way.  There's a fashion rule in place that says, "Don't mix black and brown."  But breaking the rules is fun, and I think it works!

Day 2.

Shirt, DVF.  Overalls, Forever 21.  Shoes, J Crew.  Bracelets, Vintage & Forever 21.

On Day 2, things got a little more playful.  I pulled this short sleeved sweater (I love the flower applique detail on the sleeves) and overall dress out of my "Tailoring" pile and got to work-- I was able to fix the flaws on both of these pieces with my limited sewing skills, saving myself a trip to the tailor.  Excited to have them back in rotation, I wore them together and added heeled loafers and a few gold bangles!

Day 3.

Dress, H&M.  Jacket, Forever 21.  Bag, Betsey Johnson.  Belt, Vintage.  Shoes, Sam Edelman.

By Day 3 I was back to my old self, accentuating my waistline and piling on the accessories!  I hadn't worn this dress in almost a year (it was my Thanksgiving 2012 dress), and it was about time it got some love.  A cute keyhole-detailed belt in navy cinched my waist, and a bomber jacket thrown over my shoulders provided a trendy touch (check out my article on the over-the-shoulder trend here).  Nude pumps and a bulldog-boasting Betsey Johnson bag were ladylike finishing touches!

Day 4:

Dress, Topshop.  Sweater and boots, Forever 21.  Bangles, Jewelmint.  Bag, Will Leather Goods.
Dress, Forever 21.  Shoes, Target.  Necklace, Topshop.

On Day 4 I went back to my laid-back comfort zone, but managed to make it work with a dress!  Slip dresses, like this one from Topshop, are ideal for feminine but comfortable outfits; they look chic but feel like pajamas!  A chunky cardigan kept me warm, and chunky black and gold boots were a masculine contrast to the feminine leopard print.

I changed into this LBD for a whiskey tasting date night with my man, and accessorized with leopard pumps and a lucite statement necklace.  Simple but perfect for a night out on the town!

Day 5:

Dress, DVF.  Shoes, Topshop.  Bag, Forever 21.
Day 5 brought me to the end of my 5 Days Of Dresses challenge, so I celebrated my success with my favorite Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress!  This dress is a go-to for me: it's taken me from job interviews to first dates to styling gigs and it's never let me down. When I wear it I feel flirty, feminine, and strong- there's no stopping me in my DVF!  I paired it with floral pumps from Topshop, a ladylike bag, and a tiny beetle pin on my lapel.

So there you have it...I'm slowly but surely climbing out of my style rut.  Next week, I'll show you guys how I inject style into printed pants and dressy slacks in 5 Days Of Pants!

Do you have any suggestions?  What should I do 5 Days Of next?