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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Launch!

Today marks the launch of Diane von Furstenberg's newest vintage-reissue collection.  This season, DVF has updated the original 1974 prints used on the first generation of wrap dresses and made them accessible to the modern woman.

Here's the first look at my favorite vintage print!  I upped the retro feel with my favorite sunnies:

Dress and shoes, DVF.  Sunglasses, vintage.

I love the idea of "reissuing" vintage, because you get all of the charm of a garment from back in the day without the wear-and-tear.  The best of both worlds!  

This look didn't feel complete until my Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch was thrown into the mix.

Clutch, Lulu Guinness.

More vintage looks to come soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eccentric Accessories

I have a bit of a reputation as a future (and sometimes present-day) crazy cat lady.  This title is not only given to me because of my love for my kitty, Audrey, but because I have a tendency to dress the part-- animal prints, brooches, and jewels are an essential part of my eccentric wardrobe.

I can't say exactly why, but I'm drawn to anything that has to do with nature.  The colors and patterns found in the great outdoors seem to radiate glamour- extreme beauty that's completely effortless.  My wallet and I can never pass up the opportunity to add a new piece to the line-up.

Here's the full collection in all its glory!

This assemblage of necklaces, brooches, bracelets and rings may seem complete, but I find myself debating a new addition.  At $245, this piece ain't cheap, but it seems SO worth it!

Ring, Alex Monroe via Netaporter.com

One of my best friends, Karisa, e-mailed me a picture of this ring a few weeks ago and I've been drooling over it ever since.  I decided to check up on it today to see if it was still available, and it's almost completely sold out (which makes me want it even more)!!   It's just so perfect! A mouse climbing on this 24k gold and topaz ring is a wonderfully humorous take on glamour, and I'm convinced it belongs on my finger.  Right?!

P.S.  Here's a pic of my reason for being, my lovely kitty Audrey, who's turned me into the crazy lady I am today:

As you can see by the bed of clothes she's taken as her own, Audrey loves fashion too!  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet

I recently decided to carve out a chunk of time for myself and get started on a big Spring Cleaning project- cleaning out my closet.  It's a task that's dreaded by most, but I actually had fun rediscovering old favorites and thinking about new ways to wear them for this season.  I guess I didn't clean so much as play dress-up, but it was still productive!

Here are some pics I snapped through the process:

Cardi and bag, vintage.  Dress, DVF.  Shoes, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa.

The pinky-red color of this dress is what pulled me in when I spotted it a few years ago in a consignment shop.  I wore it non-stop for a while, but it's been relegated to the back of my closet in more recent months.  It's a very classic cut, so I thew on a vintage beaded cardi and ridiculous(ly cool) shoes to give the outfit some sass.  

Dress, Matthew Williamson for H&M.  Shoes, DVF.

One of my favorite dresses!!  I hardly ever wear this gem because it's such a loud piece, but I just love to look at it sometimes- what a work of art.  Matthew Williamson is a genius, and when he did a capsule collection for H&M a few years back I knew I had to get my hands on his handiwork.  I never know what to wear with this dress, so for now I paired it with my turqoise DVF platforms. 

Dress, vintage.  Shoes, DVF.  Belt, Ferragamo.

I love LOVE love the colors in this vintage dress, and at only $12 I had to buy it- despite some major fit issues.   When shopping for vintage pieces, it's inevitable that the one thing that you can't live without won't fit you correctly.  That's where a good tailor steps in!   This dress is huge in the chest area (which is why I'm sexily peeking over my shoulder here), but I know once I find the time to get it fixed it'll constantly be in my wardrobe rotation.

Hopefully this clean-out will provide enough inspiration to get me through the latest New England cold spell.   I'm ready for short skirts, open-toe shoes, and toting around the best hot-weather accesory-- a large iced coffee!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cave Woman Couture

Dress and shoes, DVF.  Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane.

Today I was feeling a little bit feisty and followed my animalistic urges while getting dressed.  This DVF dress is wild and sophisticated at the same time; it's my go-to outfit when I want to feel powerful, independent, and womanly.

As you can probably tell by my photo captions, Diane von Furstenberg is my all-time favorite designer.   Her clothes are all about girl-power- but not in a 'women are equal to men'-feminist way.  These garments encourage women to act and look feminine, and to kick ass while doing so.   And what girl doesn't want that??  This dress was the first DVF item I ever owned; since then, I've been hooked.

To compliment my first Diane piece, I paired it with my latest Diane purchase: black suede strappy heels.  Talk about kicking ass!  The sandals boast 4 inch heels, yet are incredibly soft and comfortable.

I turned to my favorite Kenneth Jay Lane necklace to finish off the cavewoman feel.  Pearls and a panther head; classy yet quirky!  

While I love fashion creativity and strive to create a new look everyday, I think it's smart to have at least one "go-to" look in your closet-- a look that makes you feel good, look good, and gives you confidence.    Some days I would rather stay home in my PJs than face the world, but instead I just put on my "power" outfit and show everyone how fabulous I am!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now & Later

It seems like we're still in the thick of winter, but the first pieces from the Spring/Summer '11 collections are starting to enter stores- and it's impossible to restrain myself from shopping.  Although the bright colors and thin fabrics are calling to me, I'm trying to choose pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe with thicker knits and tights so that I can get the most use out of them now.

Shirt and Skirt, DVF.  Shoes, Bandolino.

 Both the top and bottom are from Diane von Furstenberg's newest collection.  I immediately was drawn to the graphic print on this blouse, and while I'll pair it with matching black pants or a skirt for winter, I can't help picturing it with a bright neon skirt and funky chunky sandals come spring.

I don't usually like to combine prints, even though it's a huge trend this season.  To me, each piece in my closet has a life and personality of it's own.  When I find an aritcle of clothing that seems unique and special, I don't want it to have to fight for attention!  Thus, I'm letting this top do all the talking.

For jewelry I added black and white enamel danglers.  I'd love to throw some cobalt blue or jade jewels into the mix, but I'm afraid I don't own anything like that!  New shopping mission, accepted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chain Store Charms

For about two years I worked in a wonderful designer consignment shop, which meant that I could easily add high-end pieces to my closet without spending a lot of money.  Now that I no longer work there and don't have the added bonus of going through each and every item in the store's inventory, I'm realizing how hard it  actually is to shop through thift stores.  Thus, I've started shopping at chain stores a lot more often to find basics that can complete an outfit.

Sweater, Banana Republic.  Skirt, H&M.  Necklace, Ann Taylor.

I spent a brief period working at Banana Republic as well, and that's where I scooped up this sweater.  Banana Repulic, while not terribly innovative, has amazing basics that every wardrobe needs.  They have sales constantly as well, so even though this sweater was originally priced around $50 I got it for half that amount.  It can be tucked into high-waisted skirts, thrown over jeans, or layered under a dress to make any look winter-weather appropriate.

 I get inquiries as to where this tiered skirt came from all the time, and it's from H&M.  People are usually shocked to hear that;  the print, pleats, and layering are all intricate details that most assume cost lots of money.  I came across this skirt at one of H&M's blowout $10 sales, and it's come in handy many times since.  With heels, boots, tights, or bare legs- this skirt transitions to and from every season.

My favorite piece in this look is probably the chunky necklace.  It's from Ann Taylor!   I'm guilty of shopping under the assumption that Ann Taylor is full of work wear for older women, and I was stunned when I found this gem on the racks.   The color and style are so bold that the necklace is sure to add intrigue to even the most boring pairing of jeans-and-a-tee.  Love!

The moral of this post?  Cheap goodies are waiting to be found around every corner, and when put together the right way, they can look like a million bucks!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonder Woman

Dress, H&M.  Belt, Moschino.  Shoes, BCBG. Necklace, vintage.

Normally, I want nothing to do with the color yellow.   I always thought it would clash with my red lipstick, inviting a 'hotdog' comparison (ketchup, mustard...nothing fashionable about that).   However, I was inexplicably drawn to this ridiculously ruffled and gaudily gold dress while browsing the H&M racks the other day.  

I was so hesitant to buy it that I exchanged the garment TWICE- once to get a blue version of the same dress, and finally to buy back the yellow again.  What an annoying customer I am!  (Sorry, H&M employees.)  

Once I put it on at home, I realized that the combo of the short yellow dress, red lips, and black hair called to mind something much cooler than a hotdog- I was Wonder Woman!  

Bag, Marc Jacobs.

This dress came with it's own black fabric belt, but I exchanged that out for my own black and gold Moschino belt.  Such a statement piece!

To finish off the look I threw on a vintage daisy necklace, black BCBG pumps, and my trusty Marc Jacobs clutch.   I loved the high-low mix of this outfit- nothing like combining a $20 piece from H&M with a belt that retails for hundreds (I got mine second hand at Second Time Around)!

Here's to conquering fashion fears!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Skirt, vintage.  Cardi, United Colors of Beneton.  Bag, Ferragamo.

Today felt like the perfect day to throw it back to the 50s and dress romantically retro:  I woke up early, had breakfast with my man, and spent the rest of the day shopping and wandering aimessly.  A lovely Saturday indeed!

I started off with one of my favorite vintage finds- this AMAZING skirt from Venus and Mars Showroom in Nashville.  Founded and curated by Karen Elson, Venus & Mars features beautiful, well preserved, and reasonably priced vintage treasures.  The skirt only cost me about $30!  It is definitely reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton A/W10 runway show, so I added to the Louis look with my favorite F21 shoes that pay tribute to the gigantic leather bows that adorned his heels last fall.  

Shoes, F21.

Of course when one is emulating a 50s housewife, pearls are a given!  I threw on my single strand with matching earrings, and then coordinated my cardigan too.   This United Colors of Beneton sweater has the most delicate pearl buttons, and adds a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit.

The matching bag and headband are both from Ferragamo, one of the most tasteful and classic brands I can think of.  Everything Ferragamo puts out has both a classic and crazy feel to it, which is why I'm constantly drawn to their pieces. 

My favorite part about this outfit is that the skirt is a Class-A spinning skirt...it floats out and expands every time I take a step : )

Some girls hate on the 50s because it was a time when it was frowned upon to show any negative emotion; instead I strive to be like the women of this time because they raised and supported their families, looked fabulous, and had a positive attitude about it every day! If that's not womanly, I don't know what is.

Enjoy your Saturday!