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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in Black

Hello, readers!  I'm so excited to be blogging again.  The past couple months have been extremely busy...full of really high highs and really low lows, and so many of those experiences and changes in my life have influenced my style lately.  I'm starting to live my life differently, and so of course my wardrobe had to be revamped to accommodate my new lease on life!

I can't deny that I've been feeling pretty aggressive as of late :) I think I'm letting out my aggression in the way I'm dressing- black, leather, studs, skulls...all good ass-kicking clothes that say "You don't want to mess with me."

Today I wore jeans that I just picked up at Forever 21 (their fall collection is actually amazingly cool), a Zara men's belt and Zara suede wedge booties (affectionately called my "witch boots" by a friend), a vintage Dior lingerie tank, and a vintage vest and fedora.   All topped off with some amazing Alexis Bittar jewels!!

These earrings kick started my style switch.  The second I saw them I knew that they belonged on my earlobes, and hardly a day has gone by that I haven't worn them.  The long fringe feels very 'bohemian rocker' and when I wear these I feel like a slightly-more-glamorous Janis Joplin.  

Here's a detail view of the look:

The beyond-gorgeous necklace I'm wearing is on my wish list at Alexis Bittar- so stunning and I can't wait to own it one day!!

I wanted to throw a bit of ladylike contrast into the outfit, so I paired my jeans with a lacy vintage Dior camisole I've had for years.  It's actually lingerie, so I threw a menswear vest over top of it to tone down the sexy vibe.  I even went way out of my comfort zone and tried out a fedora, and guess what?  I love it!  

I've always felt that when you look the part, you act the part, and you can become whoever you want.  Changing up my style helps me evolve as a person.  It might sound silly, but the right outfit can be downright empowering- and who couldn't use a little extra empowerment once in a while?  Give it a try!

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