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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedding Belle

Dress, Zara.  Jacket & Clutch, H&M.  Shoes, Beauty Heel.
This weekend I attended a wedding for the first time since I was about 10.  Getting ready posed a challenge: having never been to a wedding as an adult, did I own anything wedding-appropriate?  I enlisted the help of my friend Annika (who's in the midst of planning her own wedding) and got some really helpful tips: absolutely no white dresses and no black dresses!  A trip through my closet proved unsuccessful- I am the queen of the little black dress.  Everything else I owned seemed to be just a tad off: either it felt too skimpy and revealing or it was too crazy and "look at me!" to wear to a wedding.  I was glad for the excuse to go shopping!
I knew I wanted to take my outfit in a bright neon direction.  I've been super into yellows and oranges for the past few weeks and just recieved these citrus-hued heels in the mail from HauteLook.com that were begging to be worn.  When I came across this fluorescent floral dress in Zara I had to say, "I do!"  Even though it boasts bouquets of neon roses, the black and white patterned base of the dress serves to quiet the loud colors.
To keep the look wedding-appropriate, I knew I needed a jacket or sweater to throw on top.  Matching a black, pink, or orange cardigan would've been too obvious, so I decided to riff off of the black and white base of the dress and came up with the idea to rock a patterned tweed jacket.  I found this topper in H&M and fell in love with its little details.  The unique collar, epauletted shoulders, and zipper trim on the sleeves keep things interesting.  I love that this jacket kind of matches the dress...but also kind of doesn't.  That unexpectedness is what makes fashion fun for me!
Ring, vintage.  Bracelet, F21.  Bag, H&M.  Nail color, American Apparel.
Now, for the add-ons!  I had so much fun playing around with color here.  Again, the basic black-and-white base and jacket gave me a great jumping-off point: adding little colorful touches didn't overwhelm the look, because the neutral-to-bright proportion was always favoring neutrals.  Neon yellow nails paired with a vintage purple cocktail ring looked picture-perfect with the pop of green on my clutch.  I added a simple silver chain link bracelet to the mix too!
My new favorite shoes and matching orange lips were the finishing touches, and voila!:  a wedding-appropriate outfit that doesn't sacrifice personal style.
Fashion Tips from "Wedding Belle":
1.  Dress to the occasion, but there's no need to sacrifice your personal style in the process!  This suggestion directly applies to the men out there:  if you're not a suit-and-tie guy, on dressier occasions you can be stuck wearing something you feel super uncomfortable in all night.  Make a personal statment with your suit to make dressing up fun:  keep your dress shirt untucked and add a pair of fresh sneakers to your suit, or try a funky bow tie instead of the traditional skinny tie.  Fun belt buckles, pocket squares, and different colored pants and jackets are some other ways to keep your suit from feel stuffy.
2.  When mixing bright colors, make sure you add a healthy dose of neutral tones as well.  Piling on layers of neons can go wrong really quickly- you can end up looking childlike or just plain tacky.  My mix of yellow, orange, pink, purple, and green isn't overkill because black and white are the main events in this outfit.  Try pairing white sundress with a bright belt and sandals, or adding a yellow tie to a black-and-white suit look.  For another example, check out this post from a few months back.
3.  Don't always go for the obvious choice.  Sure, a pencil skirt and button down shirt are a great basic combo- but if you look past the traditional choices, you'll find tons of head-turning options!  Wear that same pencil skirt with a tucked-in tee and denim jacket, or try it with an oversized tank and leather vest.  These unexpected ideas will have people ogling your one-of-a-kind style.
How do you feel about this Spring's neon trend?  Will you be using these tips to create the perfect colorful combo?