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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work and Play

Dress, Betsey Johnson.  Shoes, F21.  Hat, Urban Outfitters.  Jewelry, vintage.
I recently celebrated my one-month anniversary with the city of Los Angeles, and I haven't been able to  post a blog since!  I finally feel settled in my new town, but I'm still not used to my crazy work schedule:  one day I'm working retail at Betsey Johnson, the next day I'm shopping 'til I drop for rockstars, and the next I'm organizing a towering pile of receipts.  I'm LOVING every aspect of my job, but focusing on other people's style has put a serious cramp in my own.  

Most days I can't be bothered to throw on anything more than a black tank dress or a vintage rock tee, but when I'm working at Betsey Johnson I'm required to put in a bit more effort.  This purple-y/maroon sundress from Betsey is my usual work wear, but today I put it to good use after-hours for a lovely Sunday in Larchmont with my man (who snapped these pics)!

Backpack, F21.
I haven't been giving my hat collection enough attention, so I took this 20s-inspired topper out of the closet to shield me from the sun.  The cloche fit and straw bow make for the most adorable addition to any ensemble!

In the spirit of switching things up, I opted for a vintage-inspired backpack instead of my usual handbag. This simple switch lent the look a whole different vibe- the backpack made me feel playful and ready for adventure, which is exactly what I needed after a long week!

Floral pumps completed the look, along with a few vintage jewels.

This is the most dressed-up I've looked in a long time, which is weird for me- normally I'm overdressed in a skirt and heels daily!  Putting this outfit together reminded me why I love fashion so much: when I dress better, I feel better, and I hope I can start taking time each morning to pick out an outfit that will make me feel amazing, even in the middle of the most hectic day at work.  

P.S.  Although I haven't posted on Hell or High Fashion in a few weeks, I've been tweeting my fashion observations daily!  Follow @CatLadyFashion for more frequent updates!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fancy Pants

Top, DVF.  Pants, Zara.  Clutch, MCM.  Jewelry, Marc by Marc & F21.

I’m currently going through one of those phases where I feel like I have nothing to wear, even though my closet doors are threatening to burst open with overflow at any moment.  Both of my jobs require different work wardrobes, and I feel a bit like a style schizophrenic-  I bounce betweeen florals and tutus for my day job at Betsey, and skinny jeans and rocker chains for my internship.  I feel like my own fashion identity is getting a little lost these days, but I'm using the opportunity to spice up my style and experiment a bit.  First new trend I'm trying?  Pants!

 These wide-leg polka-dot trousers have been waiting for their day in the sun for awhile; I scooped them up at Zara's seasonal sale for $19 and promptly forgot about them.  These particular pants aren't too far out of my usual skirt/dress comfort zone.  Because the legs are so wide and flowy, they actually appear to be a long skirt from certain angles.  Super comfy too!!  I paired them with a simple DVF tee. 

The low scoop in the back of the shirt really makes it for me!  As regular readers know, I am powerless against a garment that shows off my tatttoos.  :)

This look is very simple, so I added some suble contrast by putting spotted leopard pumps against the dotted black pants, and added my MCM clutch to tie in the brown-and-black theme.  I love the subtlty of small, mismatched patterns!

I always worry about wearing pants, because I'm afraid they'll make me look stumpy.  This pair changed my mind though-  I feel tall and slim, and I've never been more comfortable.  I'm glad to say that I now wear the pants!