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Friday, November 9, 2012

American Girl

I'm a girl who loves to play dress up. I will take any chance that I get to put a little more pizzazz into my outfits, and prime time for this kind of dressing- the winter holidays- is finally here! I'm already dreaming up my seasonally appropriate Thanksgiving outfits and even contemplating how I'll inject the Christmas spirit into my look come December. However, dressing up for the holidays comes with a big challenge: walking the fine line between "holiday cheer" and "walking greeting card". I took this idea for a test run on Election Day!

Jeans, Kill City.  Tank, Principessa.  Shoes, H&M.  Jewelry, Alexis Bittar.

I was so excited to get out and vote on Tuesday!  I mailed in an absentee ballot for the last presidential election, so this was my first time going to a polling place, waiting in line, and marking my ballot in-person.  I wanted the whole world to share in my patriotic excitement, so I put together an all-American outfit to carry me through the day.

The trick to spreading holiday cheer while still looking fashion-forward is picking one "holiday" aspect (color, print, etc) and sticking to it.  For my election day outfit, I shied away from the typical red-white-and-blue theme and focused on a black and grey palate.  Since my outfit had little-to-no color in it, I could mix these AMAZING American Flag printed jeans with a printed tank, no problem!

I think these Kill City jeans are one of the coolest things I own.  You may have seen them already- Wiz Khalifa and Billie Joe Armstrong both have them as well! (Confession: I am wearing men's jeans.)  They bring a grunge vibe to American pride- such a cool combo.

The eagle printed "Freedom" tank was an impulse buy a few weeks ago.  It reminds me of my dad, the most All-American, patriotic guy I know, and his crazy eagle tattoo.  Shout out to Papa Hector!  The slouchy, cozy fit really makes the tank a fashion-forward piece- had this print been on a plain old tee-shirt, I don't think I would've bought it.  Exaggerated armholes and a loose knitted fabric bring a level of design to the look that you just don't get from a standard tee.

The jeans-and-tank combo was a little inappropriate for my workplace, so I made sure to bring a blazer with me.

Blazer, vintage.

A neutral colored blazer tied in nicely with the muted colors of the tank and added a level of professionalism.  I love this particular blazer because it's a "shrunken fit"- meaning it fits a little bit tighter than your traditional suit jacket.  A shrunken blazer is cool instead of stuffy, and adds sophistication to pretty much anything. 

I finished the look off with gunmetal fringe earrings and stack of Alexis Bittar bangles, and of course my signature swipe of red lipstck.  But the best accessory of the day was my "I Voted" sticker!

Fashion Tips from "American Girl":

1.  When dressing for the holidays, don't go overboard.  One color or print will do the trick!  For example, wearing either red OR green (instead of a combo of both) on Christmas will keep you looking chic.

2.  Look for a neutral blazer with a shrunken fit to throw on top of little tanks and dresses.  Voila!  Office-appropriate apparel that's still fashion-forward.

4.  A slouchy tank is a great alternative to a tee-shirt.  If you're a girl (or guy) who sticks mostly to a jeans-and-tee wardrobe, mix it up a bit with a stylized tank every once in a while.  It's just as easy to wear and 10x cooler!

3.  Shop outside the box.  One of my favorite pieces of clothing in the world came from the men's section!  Don't be afraid to take a gander into menswear stores, or even the kid section.  A little girl's XXL jacket could turn out to be your favorite shrunken blazer!!

Stay tuned for my next post, where I take on a tutu!  Also, follow me on Instagram (@jdefino) for more outfit snippets throughout the week.  

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