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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doing It Bright

Dress and Shoes, Zara.  Necklace, F21 (customized).  Belt, Vintage.

In high school I wore bright colors exclusively.  I had an obsession with standing out from the crowd, and in my mind black and white were boring and conventional.  The annual choir concert required me to wear a plain white shirt and black slacks for one night a year, and I always fought hard against the dress code.  I'd add a fuchsia flower or a neon necklace to my drab getup to customize it to my tastes.  My, how things have changed!  These days, I hardly ever step out of my black and white comfort zone, and blogging my outfits has made me realize I've been stuck in a serious color rut!

This blue dress from Zara is so basic that it can be styled a million different ways.  Today I wanted to challenge myself to mix and match lots of bright colors, so I picked out my brightest orange belt and a necklace to match.

I love the fit-and-flare cut of this dress; it's great for accentuating curves or even creating curves!  "Fit and flare" cuts are tight throughout the chest and waist, then flare out over the hips.  For curvy girls, this cut shows off your natural hourglass shape in the most flattering way.  Even if your figure is straight up-and-down, this style will carve out a small waistline and add a gentle curve to the hips.  Va-va-voom!

To accentuate my waistline even more, I added a bright orange belt with a delicate gold bow detail.   I framed my face with a colorful necklace that I customized myself!

This bauble used to be a bland grey color.  One day, out of boredom, I decided to take colorful nail polish to the silver crystals and this is what happened!  I absolutely love the result, and it was so easy to do. 

I finished off the look with nude pumps.  Since there are so many colors in this look, any other kind of shoe would have been distracting.  I even thought my regular red lip would take away from the impact of these brights, so I decided to wear an electric pink lipstick that paired back to the pink in my necklace. 

Fashion Tips from "Doing It Bright":

1. Don't be afraid to mix colors.  Just make sure that the colors you are playing with are in the same family: all pastels, all neons, etc.  Pick 2 or 3 hues to focus on and you can't go wrong! 

2.  A "fit and flare" dress is flattering on every body type.  Look for a dress with a waistline that falls in line with the smallest part of your torso.  My natural waist is about 2 inches below where my belt hits, but wearing a belt at your smallest point (rather than your real waistline) creates a whole new, tinier figure!

3.  Get creative!  Buy cheapo clothes and jewelry at thrift stores and see what you can do to make them your own.  If it doesn't work out, oh well- you only spent a couple bucks on it in the first place.

After my last post, someone wrote to me with a question about how to wear a pair of wide-leg pants.  I'll be posting on this soon!  I love getting questions like that- one of the reasons I blog is to inspire people to find their own sense of style- so keep 'em coming!  What should I write about next?  Feel free to comment on the blog with your style questions, or find me on Facebook or Twitter (see sidebar to your right) and ask!

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