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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Laced Up

Top, F21.  Dress, Jill Stuart.  Tights and shoes, Urban Outfitters.

This Thanksgiving, I took a little vacation from Los Angeles and a little vacation from blogging!  I spent a week in upstate New York relaxing, eating, playing Charades, and exploring Syracuse.  Traveling from LA to Syracuse required a lot of outfit planning and I had a rough time whittling my wardrobe down to a week's worth of essentails.  But I had an idea of what kind of activities I'd be doing, what kind of weather I'd be experiencing, and how much I'd be eating (I had to bring lots of stretchy pants!), so I packed my suitcase accordingly.
Here's how I made my final selections:  I tried on some cold-weather looks, took pictures of my favorites, and set out to pack based on those photos.  Seeing the outfit laid out head-to-toe in front of me (shoes, jewelry, bags, etc included!) ensured that I didn't forget anything back home. 
Of course once I got to Syracuse and didn't have my extensive closet at my disposal every morning, I panicked.  (Side note: I was meeting 20 members of my boyfriend's extended family, so that's why I was extra focused on dressing to impress!)  That panic led me to mix-and-match my preplanned outfits in new and creative ways, and I came up with this little number!
After eating a week's worth of Thanksgiving treats in just a few days, I was worried that some of the looks I brought with me might not be full-stomach-friendly.  This Jill Stuart dress was the perfect dress to over-eat in:  it fits tight around my waist but balloons out over my tummy and hips. I had already worn it early on in the trip, though, and didn't want to repeat outfits!  To switch it up, I stole this lace top from another outfit and layered it underneath.  I was so glad to have packed such versatile pieces, and I'm going to make sure I pack clothes that can work double-duty on my next trips!
Here were my orginal looks:
Dress, Jill Stuart.  Jacket, F21.

Top and Jeans, F21.  Boots, H&M.  Belt, Zara.
Fashion Tips from "Laced Up":
1.  If you're packing for a long trip and are worried about how to choose outfits, start planning early!  Taking photos of your outfits beforehand and packing from a visual really takes some of the pressure off.
2.  Think of new ways to wear old pieces.  Maybe you've bought a top to go with a specific pair of pants, but explore how else it can be worn.  It could look amazing layered over a minidress!
3.  Having an "I have nothing to wear" day?  Turn that panic into productivity!  Open yourself up to new creative possibilites and I'm sure you'll find that you do, in fact, have something to wear.
But the biggest lesson I learned this Thanksgiving week is that who you are is more important than what you wear.  I had the most amazing time with my man and his family, and they loved me even when I had to change into my shlubby sweatpants after stuffing myself with stuffing! 
 It sure was nice to hear them ooh and ahh over my outfits every morning, though- and that makes the time I spend getting dressed up so worth it!

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