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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Wonder-What-To-Wear

The weather in Boston has been disasterous lately!  The Bay State's been plagued by snowstorms for the past month or so, and today was no exception.  First it started snowing, which then turned into rain, and finally turned into ice...all of which resulted in me staring into the dark abyss of my closet, wondering what options I had.  

Normally, I throw caution to the wind when it comes to weather and continue to wear skirts and heels no matter what the weather man predicts.  But the inches-deep puddles and sheets of ice defeated my fashionista spirit today; what makes that even worse was that it was the first day of school!  The Blair-Waldorf-with-a-twist outfit I'd painstakingly selected with the hopes of making a good impression wasn't any match for the great outdoors.   (Hopefully I'll post that look later in the week!)

On my (delayed) subway ride into school, I started contemplating what cold-weather wardrobe staples were missing from my collection.  This morning it seemed as if leggings, boots, and whatever shirt would cover my bum were the only items making the cut...but there has to be a way to stay stylish in the snow!  

The next time a storm hits, I'll be prepared with these:

Rainboots, Jimmy Choo for Hunter.
These boots manage to be both style- and snow-saavy.  The faux-croc pattern adds a touch of glamour while the Hunter seal assures that your toes won't be froze!  AND they're on sale on saks.com, so there's no excuse not to get them.  Add some welly socks for extra warmth.

Fur vest, DVF.

I recently splurged on this fur vest from Diane von Furstenberg, and I'm so glad I did!  It keeps me cozy and cool and is perfect for layering over sweaters and under jackets.  

I also love this version from Forever 21:

A fur vest is the ultimate extra layer, adding glamour and making the weather bearable.  Plus, they transition beautifully into spring (I cannot wait!).  

And don't forget to add the extras...    My vintage fur pillbox hat kept my hair dry and my spirits high!

Fur hat, vintage.  Camel coat, F21.

How do you stay cute in the cold??

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