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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Professional Pin-Up

Recently I switched jobs and went from an environment with no dress code at all to a work place that has very strict rules about what and what not to wear.  While I absolutely LOVE my new job, it has put somewhat of a damper on my personal style.  I'm still struggling to find ways to put together work-appropriate looks that still feel like me.   I hate buying clothing that can only work for one occasion; if I committ to spending money on an item, I want to know it'll be worth it when considering cost-per-wear.  

Top and pants, DVF.  Shoes, Prada. Necklace, vintage.
This is one of my favorite looks for the work day because it's simple and professional, but it also channels the "librarian -- pin-up" vibe that I love so much.  The slightly high-waisted and cropped pant and the retro 50's sweater are pieces that I'll wear over and over in different ways.  

These simple DVF black pants are quickly becoming my favorite!  The fit is just perfect; simple enough to be versatile but stylized enough to feel fresh.  Head over to DVF.com and get your own here!

The sweater is also DVF.  I fell in love with the intricate detailing on the sleeves.

The cameo necklace and Prada pumps added a subtle pop of color to the outfit.

  Prada is one of my favorite designers for shoes; their footwear is always beautiful without being prissy.  The square toe on these (second-hand) pumps balances out the girly, baroque-ness of the color/print combo.     

These pieces are all first-string players in my closet, for both workin' and the weekend.  Here's hoping I'll continue to translate my personal style into my work wear!