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Monday, April 15, 2013

Greener Pastures

Top, American Apparel.  Skirt, Ruche.  Shoes and Necklace, H&M.
I've never been a huge fan of wearing green.  Mixed with my red lipstick, green clothes make me feel like a Christmas mess.  Lately, though, I haven't been able to get enough of it!  This spring, green feels fresh and even edgy, especially in playful separates like this baseball tee and leather skirt. 
Oscar de la Renta's Resort 2013 runway show really inspired me to step out of my traditional Crayola box of black, white, and red. 
Oscar de la Renta Resort 2013 (via Style.com)
How cool is this outfit? I love how this vaguely 50s skirt and fresh, bright color combo take on a punky edge.  I wanted to do the same thing with my green look, and luckily I had a similar baseball tee lying around in my closet!
I tucked my tee into this amazing green leather skirt to play with it's traditional boxy fit and make it feminine.  The full, A-line cut of my favorite new skirt (from ShopRuche.com) was the perfect companion- it's nipped-in waist and flirty fit accentuated an hourglass figure and gave this outfit the girly vibe I was going for!
I couldn't resist adding on one more green item in the form of my favorite Anna Dello Russo X H&M necklace! This necklace feels perfect when paired with a T-shirt- it takes the casual basic up a notch, without seeming too out-of-place (it is, after all, a cheap plastic H&M necklace!). 
Clutch, Forever 21.
This outfit felt a little silly when I first put it on- I thought maybe I had gone overboard on one color. A simple black/silver pair of stilletos and a matte black/grey clutch took away all of my worries- the dark colors break up the monochrome look.

Fashion Tips from "Greener Pastures":
1. The internet is your fashion friend.  Need some inspiration?  There's never a shortage of outfit inspo on pinterest.com (see my boards Style and Guy Style for ideas!), Style.com (I like to browse the latest runway collections or check out Tommy Ton's street snaps), and Lookbook.nu (each outfit pictured has a breakdown of where to buy the featured pieces!).
2. Try a monochrome look with neutral accessories.  What keeps my outfit from looking cartoonish is the fact that not EVERY piece I'm wearing is green.  Black accents (shoes, clutch, nails) can bring an out-there idea back down to earth.  Guys, why not try wearing a bold blue suit with a plain tie and dress shoes?  Knowing when to push the limits and when to rely on unassuming neutrals is a mark of true style!
3.  Play with proportions.  That men's buttondown you wear over leggings could be totally transformed by tucking it in to a high-waisted pencil skirt (remember Sharon Stone wearing her hubby's Gap tee to the Oscars??).  By giving boxy basics a femme form you can essentially double your wardrobe options!
4.   Don't be afraid to wear your favorite jewels during the day!  I know it can feel a little uncomfortable wearing a huge piece of jewelry with a casual outfit, because conventionally sparkly jewels are considered "night out" accessories. Pushing past this misconception will open up so many new "everyday" possibilities for you! Statement jewelry from chain stores like H&M, Forever21, and Topshop is meant for this kind of dressing because it even though it may seem dressy, it's cheap enough that you can feel comfortable wearing it anywhere and everywhere.
For style updates in between blog posts, check out my Twitter, Pinterest, and personal website.  And as always, feel free to message or e-mail me with any pressing fashion questions!

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