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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reader Request: Beyond Basics

After my last post, I received a reader request for a tutorial on dressing up jeans and a tee shirt. While I try not to post “basic” outfits (I don’t want to bore you guys!), the truth is I spend a few days a week wearing a version of the classic American uniform of jeans and a tee. I turn to this combo when I want to be comfortable, but I hate the feeling of blending in with everybody else. I’ve figured out a few ways to dress up my plain jeans and tee shirts to keep my look fashion-forward, and now I’ll pass those tricks on to you!
Jeans, Forever 21.  Shirt and blazer, H&M.  Shoes, Zara.  Ring, Kirna ZabetexTarget.

Step 1: Invest in a few pairs of interesting jeans. My favorite pair has a“boyfriend” fit, a light wash, and a few rips and tears. I know I can wear these with almost anything basic on top and still feel pretty cool, since the built-in features of the pant give my look a little edge. Wearing a pair of printed jeans (like these) is a great idea- they’re just as easy to pull on in the morning as your basics, but you’ll be on the next sartorial level. This works for colored jeans too-try a bright blue wash in place of denim for a style upgrade that doesn’t venture too far out of your comfort zone.


Step 2: Add print! My favorite print to play with right now is a good old fashion stripe. Stripes are so classic and have made their mark on almost every style movement in history. The slouchy black and white tank I’m wearing here has a punky/jailbird vibe, but the navy and cream bateau stripe I chose for the outfit below is preppy and Hepburn-esque. It’s easy to find a stripe pattern to fit your mood, and they’re guaranteed to give your plain jeans a little extra punch.

Jeans and tee, Forever 21.  Blazer, HM.  Shoes, Prada.  Ring, Alexis Bittar.
Step 3: Add color! As you can tell from going through my recent blog posts, I’m a little obsessed with yellow right now. I get the most compliments when I’m wearing yellow or blue, because these colors attract light and tend to make pale skin glow. Brights also send out a “happy” vibe that can actually improve your mood and the moods of those around you… who wouldn’t want that?? So next time you throw on your go-to jeans/tee, try adding a bright jacket or blazer and see what a difference it makes!

Step 4: Shoes, shoes, shoes. It’s all about the shoes. Maybe you don’t have time to put effort into an interesting outfit, but I’m sure you have time to throw on the coolest pair of shoes in your closet! Basic denim is the perfect backdrop for a crazy-fancy pair of shoes- that mix of casual and opulent is unexpected and fun, and can really elevate your look. Why wait until you have an “occasion” to wear your fancy footwear? Treat every day a special occasion and break out of the boring jeans/tee/sneakers mold! Gentlemen: this tip isn’t only for the high-heel wearing ladies. Try a pair of pumped-up high-tops or a snazzy pair of wingtips instead of your usual fare.

Jeans, Forever 21.  Shirt, The Row. Shoes, Urban.  Necklace, ADRxHM.  Belt, Zara.
Step 5: Accessorize. I love a good statement necklace! This amazing crocodile sparkler lounging around my neck would’ve been overshadowed had I worn a more interesting outfit, so a plain white tee and jeans was the best option for showcasing my little pet. I wore this look to work the other day and actually got complimented by a contributor at Lucky magazine- she said she loved how I paired such an elegant piece with a slouchy tee! So there you have it folks, Lucky magazine agrees with me. This “statement jewelry”effect can be achieved in a few different ways: a stack of bangles up to your elbow, or a huge pair of dangling earrings paired with a slicked-back hairdo. Guys are no exception to the rule- add an oversized watch of even a flat-brimmed hat to amp up your jeans.


Finishing Touch: cuff it! I love to roll the bottoms of my jeans up into a little cuff- it just gives your look a little something extra. All the more interesting if you have a fun argyle sock to show off!

So there you have it- by putting even 1 of these 5 steps in to practice you’re sure to feel anything but boring in your basics. I’m loving these requests, so keep ‘em coming! What should I post about next?

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