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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Tie Optional

Top, 3.1 Phillip Lim.  Jeans, H&M.  Belt, Zara.  Bag, Ferragamo.  Shoes, Reed Krakoff.
 Never before have I been so interested in the idea of menswear as womenswear.  For most of my life I've leaned towards girlier pieces and feminine shapes, but the past few months have marked a transitional phase in my fashion focus.  Starting with this outfit that relaunched my blog after a months-long hiatus, I've begun to appreciate the contrast and depth that a masculine touch can bring to an outfit.  This casual tuxedo look brings a few of my favorite menswear-inspired pieces together!
Following a huge closet purge, I created a shopping list for myself.  This list includes items I need as basics in my wardrobe, newer trendy pieces to update my look, and even out-there ideas that I want to try out.  Working from this list keeps me on-track when I'm shopping; hopefully it will keep me from filling up my closet (again) with pieces that I wear a few times and forget about!  A tuxedo-printed sweatshirt from Wildfox was at the top of my list, but it sold out before I could buy it.  When I found this 3.1 Philip Lim top burried in the racks of Wasteland I knew it belonged in my closet: it was super cute, super affordable, and on my new shopping list!
I love the exaggerated tuxedo details, executed in feminine silks with ruffle details.  This top incorporates the standard menswear concepts but keeps the overall look totally femme- the floppy organza bow is my favorite! 
I gave this somewhat-flowy top a little bit of shape by tucking it into my newest pair of jeans.  This boyfriend cut is my new favorite closet staple; I love how the relaxed fit and color give a casual feel to even my fanciest tops and shmanciest high heels. 
While heels are usually a no-brainer for me, I chose to rock my favorite black ballet flats with this outfit instead.  The classic, no-fuss vibe of a traditional ballet flat just felt right- plus these shoes never get the attention the deserve!  I love how the bow detailing on these shoes pairs back to the bow on my shirt.  As I've said again and again, it's the littlest details that make the look!
A classic Ferragamo bag threw yet another bow into the mix, and a men's belt from Zara streamlined my shape a little more.
Fashion Tips from "Black Tie Optional":
1.  To avoid have a closet full of spontaneous purchases that don't really have a lasting place in your wardrobe, keep a running list of fashion wants and needs.  Do you wish you had a colorful cardigan everytime you reach for a sundress and the weather isn't cooperating?  Throw it on the list! Is your favorite pair of jeans on the way out but you can't bear to part with them?  Add a pair to your list- once you have a new version, it'll be easier to toss the old.
If you have no idea what your closet is aching for, ask me!  I offer this service and many others as a personal shopper- see jessicadefinostyle.com for more info.
2.  The mix of masculine and feminine, fancy and casual, or high and low can add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to your style.  Opposites attract- so try those denim cutoffs with a floaty silk top, or (for the male readers) an untucked button down, bow tie, and colorful shorts. 
3.  Keeping a running theme in your head-to-toe look is fun!  If your dress has a bow-shaped belt, add a bow to your hair in a different color and size to "tie" it all together (get it??)!  Try denim sneakers with your jeans, a leather jacket with leather boots, or different colored stripes in one outfit. 
What's at the top of your shopping list??

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  1. I have been meaning to do a closet clean out.. I really need to! These are good ideas and the top looks great on you!