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Monday, April 22, 2013

Grin and Bare It

Jacket, AG.  Top, Forever 21.  Skirt, American Apparel.  Shoes, Zara.  Bag, Vintage.
It's definitely started to feel like Spring here in LA!  The days are longer and the temperature has been sitting pretty in the 70s for a few weeks now.  My extensive collection of little sundresses gives me a lot of great outfits to choose from, but they can get boring after a while.  Normally a one-piece, quick and easy dress devotee, I've been playing with separates more and more to create a unique Spring/Summer look.

One common complaint from my personal shopping clients is, "I don't know what to wear during the summer months."  The heat really seems to mess with people- I'm constantly hearing "It's too hot to put in effort!" or "I didn't have the energy to look further than a tank and cut-offs".  Hot weather isn't an excuse to forget about fashion- it IS a great excuse to challenge yourself though!

Head scarf, American Apparel.  Earrings, Forever 21.

This season, I've been focusing on creating a wardrobe of fun mix-and-match pieces that can be combined in infinite ways.  In fact, I haven't bought a dress in quite a while!  Crop tops, long printed skirts, and bright cardis and blazers have taken over my wardrobe.  With so many options, I'm guaranteeing that I'll never feel bored with Spring/Summer fashion again.

One of my favorite finds so far is this fun midi-length skirt from American Apparel.  This style is 50% off right now and available in tons of different colors, so go scoop one up now while you can!  "Midi" skirts (also known as "tea length") are really having a moment right now.  Because the length is so conservative, you can really have fun with color, print, and the other pieces you pair it with. 

I took that conservative/wild approach and paired my long, high-waisted skirt with a cute little cropped top!  I picked up this gem from Forever 21 last summer (with high-waisted short shorts to match) and it's been waiting for the perfect outfit to come along ever since.  I feel OK about baring my midriff to the world in this look because I'm covered up everywhere else!  I wouldn't dream of wearing a belly-baring shirt with a mini skirt or even with tight pants- a balance of tight/loose or short/long is what keeps a daring outfit classy.

That being said, sometimes the sun got a little too hot to handle in this jacket!

The 50s/60s flair of this look inspired me to do something a little different with my hair!  I grabbed a head wrap from American Apparel and channeled Brigitte Bardot in this iconic pic:

A little straw basket purse and mod floral earrings tied everything together for a classic but funky way to handle the spring heat! 

Fashion Tips from "Grin and Bare It":

1.  The weather is no excuse for sloppy dressing.  Cooler days give you the opportunity to experiment with layering, and hotter days should challenge you to come up with fun, unexpected combinations that won't weigh you down.  Jewelry and shoes are great ways to add more "oomph" to your summer look: you can wear your traditional summer uniform of short shorts and a tank, but elevate them with bright layered jewels or funky wedge sandals. 

2.  This season is the season to bare it!  Cropped tops and underwear-as-outerwear are huge in the fashion world, so there are plenty of options for you to try out.  Just remember that when you decide to show off one part of your body, you should conceal another- that sense of "peek-a-boo" keeps your look mysterious and classy instead of party-girl crazy.

3.  Separates are the best way to punch up your wardrobe.  While dresses are fun and easy, they don't offer as much variety as separate pieces do.  Have at least one bright shirt, one striped shirt, and one floral shirt in your wardrobe to pair with different colored jeans, printed shorts, and fun skirts- you'll never run out of options!

Now that we've covered warm weather wardrobes, what other common complaints do you have?  I'd love to help!

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