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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Borrowed From the Boy

Welcome back to Hell or High Fashion!  

I wore this menswear-inspired look to the flea market today and was stopped by a street-style fashion blogger wanting to take my picture. I thought, "Why don't I just blog my own picture??"  So here it is, the first blog post in months!

I have been in a real Diane Keaton phase lately, which mostly means that I've been borrowing clothes from my boyfriend a lot lately. 

 The way Ms. Keaton defined the menswear trend is so inspiring- she wore pieces tailored to a woman's body but with a man's sensibility.  I've put this idea into action quite a few times in past weeks, including a stint with suspenders,  a bedazzled tie-shaped necklace, and men's pants worn with feminine tops.  I think my favorite menswear outfit was the one I put on today!

The trick to making menswear look like womenswear (in my opinion):  for every one part masculine, you add two parts feminine.  To balance out my navy tie (borrowed from my man), I wore form fitting skinny jeans.  To counter the buttoned-up-to-the-top button up, I looked for a shirt in a quirky, girly print-- polka dots!  Because I topped off this outfit with men's sunglasses, I ended it with sexy leopard print pumps.  

For the extra womanly touches, I wore my curls big and bouncy and a red lip sealed the deal.  I might be wearing boys clothes, but the look is totally femme.

  Finding inspiration in fashionable men and exploring another part of my sartorial sensibilities has been unbelievably eye-opening; I never knew I could pull off a look like this.  I can't wait to share my next borrowed-from-the-boys adventure!


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  2. I love this look! The glasses are genius and very Diane. More posts, please!