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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonder Woman

Dress, H&M.  Belt, Moschino.  Shoes, BCBG. Necklace, vintage.

Normally, I want nothing to do with the color yellow.   I always thought it would clash with my red lipstick, inviting a 'hotdog' comparison (ketchup, mustard...nothing fashionable about that).   However, I was inexplicably drawn to this ridiculously ruffled and gaudily gold dress while browsing the H&M racks the other day.  

I was so hesitant to buy it that I exchanged the garment TWICE- once to get a blue version of the same dress, and finally to buy back the yellow again.  What an annoying customer I am!  (Sorry, H&M employees.)  

Once I put it on at home, I realized that the combo of the short yellow dress, red lips, and black hair called to mind something much cooler than a hotdog- I was Wonder Woman!  

Bag, Marc Jacobs.

This dress came with it's own black fabric belt, but I exchanged that out for my own black and gold Moschino belt.  Such a statement piece!

To finish off the look I threw on a vintage daisy necklace, black BCBG pumps, and my trusty Marc Jacobs clutch.   I loved the high-low mix of this outfit- nothing like combining a $20 piece from H&M with a belt that retails for hundreds (I got mine second hand at Second Time Around)!

Here's to conquering fashion fears!


  1. I love yellow!!!! Ive actually never had that thought where it could look like mustard and ketchup lolZ. But it doesnt, it works, its the shade of yellow. Looks awesome lady!!! I love your blog. XO!


  2. I really love this yellow dres & your belt!