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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chain Store Charms

For about two years I worked in a wonderful designer consignment shop, which meant that I could easily add high-end pieces to my closet without spending a lot of money.  Now that I no longer work there and don't have the added bonus of going through each and every item in the store's inventory, I'm realizing how hard it  actually is to shop through thift stores.  Thus, I've started shopping at chain stores a lot more often to find basics that can complete an outfit.

Sweater, Banana Republic.  Skirt, H&M.  Necklace, Ann Taylor.

I spent a brief period working at Banana Republic as well, and that's where I scooped up this sweater.  Banana Repulic, while not terribly innovative, has amazing basics that every wardrobe needs.  They have sales constantly as well, so even though this sweater was originally priced around $50 I got it for half that amount.  It can be tucked into high-waisted skirts, thrown over jeans, or layered under a dress to make any look winter-weather appropriate.

 I get inquiries as to where this tiered skirt came from all the time, and it's from H&M.  People are usually shocked to hear that;  the print, pleats, and layering are all intricate details that most assume cost lots of money.  I came across this skirt at one of H&M's blowout $10 sales, and it's come in handy many times since.  With heels, boots, tights, or bare legs- this skirt transitions to and from every season.

My favorite piece in this look is probably the chunky necklace.  It's from Ann Taylor!   I'm guilty of shopping under the assumption that Ann Taylor is full of work wear for older women, and I was stunned when I found this gem on the racks.   The color and style are so bold that the necklace is sure to add intrigue to even the most boring pairing of jeans-and-a-tee.  Love!

The moral of this post?  Cheap goodies are waiting to be found around every corner, and when put together the right way, they can look like a million bucks!

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