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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Forward

Dress, Betsey Johnson.  Jacet and shoes, F21.  Bag, H&M.  Sunnies, Urban Outfitters.  Ring, Alexis Bittar.
Tomorrow starts the first day of Spring!  Spring is traditionally a time for renewal and new beginnings, and this yearly fresh start is coinciding perfectly with my personal life!  I definitely feel as if things are changing for the better, and this enthusiasm for what's ahead is influencing my wardrobe.  2012 had some rough patches and I adopted a tougher, edgier wardrobe as a sort of armor.  With all the amazing things that 2013 has brought me, I find myself reaching for bright colors and feminine prints to show off my lighter side.
I last wore this Betsey Johnson dress on this blog almost 2 years ago, for my college graduation.  A lot has happened between 2011 and 2013, but classic style still reigns!  A dress like this will never seem outdated or "so two seasons ago" because the cut is simple and the floral print is timeless.  While I love a crazy trendy piece from time to time, I mostly shop with this classic simplicity in mind- I don't want to have to revamp my entire wardrobe when the trends change. 
That being said, it's a lot of fun to amp up classic pieces with trendy touches!  Members-only jackets have been huge for a few seasons now, and you can find a cool one at pretty much any price point.  There are some amazing leather versions out there (like this one) that can get pricey, but mine was a $25 find at Forever 21.  The casual feel of the maroon/navy jacket toned down my fancy florals and brought it back to weekend territory.  I felt like a super-cool 50s chick rocking her boyfriend's varsity jacket all day!
Another huge trend right now is print-mixing.  I put that fashion-forward idea into practice here with the mix of my floral pumps and rose-printed dress.   These light blue/pink silk shoes are a dulled-down floral, so I didn't feel like they were competing for attention with my dress. 
When mixing patterns, I have a couple rules I try to follow. One: make sure there is a common thread.  For example, the two prints I wore here are both florals.  That common thread means I can play with color (blue shoes/red dress).  Another way to do it would be to have a common color.  If I wanted to mix stripes and polka dots, I'd try to have them both based in the same color family.  And number two: add a solid piece to the mix.  Here, I added a strong solid-colored jacket to break up my all-over pattern.  If you're trying out a patterned skirt and shirt combo, make sure your shoes are one solid complimentary color and you'll be fine!
I added a few fun extras, like these floral-framed sunnies from Urban Outfitters and my favorite scarab ring from Alexis Bittar. 
Fashion Tips from "Spring Forward":
1.  Invest in classic pieces and don't spend too much on trendy items.  This dress (which has already lasted me 2 years) was a big fashion splurge- I spent around $300 on it (don't judge me!).  Clearly it was worth the price because I wore it consistently for 2 years, and I can see myself wearing it as an eccentric old woman too!  Fads like varsity jackets or crazy printed shoes probably won't stand the test of time, so it's wise to buy these items at budget-friendly prices.  The quality of the cheaper garments won't be great, but when you're only going to wear it for a season or two anyway, who cares?
2.  When trying out a new trend, don't go overboard- try pairing a trendy piece with a classic counterpart.  If you're drawn to the neon jeans look, wear them with a classic white buttondown. This mix will keep you from looking like a fashion victim! 
3.  Revisit pieces in the back of your closet that you may have forgotten about.  Maybe your own graduation dress would look great with a jean jacket, or (for the men out there) the tie you wore to senior prom could be a great way to dress up a button-down and skinny jeans. 
Don't forget that Spring also means it's time for Spring Cleaning- the perfect time to clean out your closet and get a fresh fashion start!  Don't know what to keep, what to toss, and what to tailor for a more modern fit?  I absolutely love rummaging through someone else's closet and helping them through that process, and a "closet consultation" is one of my featured services as a personal shopper.  I've recently launched my styling/personal shopping website- jessicadefinostyle.com.  Contact me there if you'd like a consultation or any other services I offer- if you mention that you're a Hell or High Fashion reader, you'll get 20% off the listed price :)

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