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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Top and pants, Forever 21.  Shoes, Urban Outfitters.  Ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Bangles, H&M.
Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashions fade.  Style is eternal."  To me, true style is present when how you look is the physical embodiment of who you are as a person.  When your style is true to who you are, it will be relevant through seasons and seasons of fashion trends.  You can have impeccable style if you only shop hand-me-downs from Goodwill; you can have style if you're decked out in the latest runway trends.  What matters is that you're wearing pieces that you have a personal connection to!  Keeping this in mind, I've been able to find inspiration in some pretty untraditional style icons.
Peggy Bundy, untraditional icon.
I remember the day a coworker told me my fashion sense reminded her of Peggy Bundy: I didn't know whether to be offended or proud.  After some thought, I decided I was proud to emulate Peggy- because she definitely had a look that was all her own!
As the wife on 80-90s television series Married With Children, Peggy Bundy lived a normal life in the suburbs with her husband and kids, but she never dressed the part.  She knew she was more fabulous than her surroundings and never succumbed to boring "mom" fashions.  From one look at Peggy you can tell what kind of person she is:  strong, proud, glamorous, and she certainly doesn't take any shit!  She celebrates every curve on her body unapologetically, which is such a refreshing break from today's stick-thin style icons.   Her particular "fashions" have faded, but her style and message live on.
Taking a look out of Peggy's book, I decided to show off my hourglass shape with some serious color and print! 
To me, this look is all about balance:  I wore a busy print on the bottom, so I wanted to make sure to have a solid color on top.  Since my outfit was pretty skintight, I made sure my cleavage was under wraps.  The mix of bright color and bold pattern is attention-grabbing, so plain black heels grounded the outfit. 
This balance is what makes the outfit more "Jessica DeFino" (that's me) than "Peggy Bundy." While she never cared for balancing out her wardrobe (everything was tight, low cut, bright, and printed!), this balance is one of the signature marks of my own personal style.   I think my message is pretty similar to hers though: this look says I'm fun, confident, comfortable with myself, and not afraid to be bold!  Plus, wearing yellow with my red lipstick  always makes me feel like Wonder Woman so I had an extra boost of bad-ass attitude :)
Fashion Tips from "Superstar":
1.  Realize that to others, your style is a visual representation of who you are.  Ask yourself if your look sends out the message you want to send to the world.  Ill-fitting jeans and a worn-out tee say that you don't care enough about yourself to wear clothes that fit properly; a short skirt and belly shirt say that you can't be taken seriously.  Make sure you're saying what you need to say!  And if you're not, you can ask me for help :)
2.  I've said it a thousand times: balance is SO important.  If you love to wear short skirts, don't pair them with cleavage-baring tops- or at least throw a fun blazer over the outfit for a sassy way to cover up!  Men can practice their balancing act on nights out by pairing a button-down/tie combo with jeans instead of dress pants- it will keep your look in "business casual" territory without feeling too stuffy!
3.  Find your power color(s) and consistently work them into your wardrobe!  Nothing can stand in my way when I'm wearing red or yellow- I just feel 10x more confident- so I wear my power color in the form of red lipstick everyday.  Find little ways to incorportate your colors into your everyday wardrobe: a fun hat, a statement necklace, a pair of bold sneakers.  You'll walk around with a little extra swag in your step, guaranteed!

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