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Monday, February 4, 2013

Primary Care

Blazer, H&M.  Dress, Jill Stuart.  Bag, ASOS.  Shoes, Prada. 
While wandering around Melrose last weekend with some friends, I decided to pop into Wasteland while the rest of my crew indulged in ice cream across the street- and what I found there was sweeter than any chocolate caramel confection could ever be.  I'm talking about my new Prada sandals!

I just about died when I spied these patent colorblocked beauties jammed into the packed shelves at Wasteland.  When I looked further and discovered that they were just my size and only $65 (at least 90% off the original price), the deal was done. 

As soon as they were in my hands I started dreaming up ways to wear them, and thus this outfit was built from the ground up!

I love the sharp colorblocking on the shoes and wanted to make my outfit a parallel study in colorblocking.  Since black is the least featured color on these stacked sandals, I made it the basis of the rest of my look- that way the shoes are still the center of attention! 

I envisioned the outfit I wanted in my head, and I could see this black Jill Stuart number paired with an ultra-mod knit jacket either in red or yellow.  However, I didn't own anything that fit the bill so I did some research online.  Since I knew exactly what I was looking for, I pulled up a few webistes for stores in my area- forever21.com, urbanoutfitters.com, hm.com, etc.  I sifted through pictures of little sweaters and blazers and finally came across this bright yellow one on hm.com.  It was the one!  I called the store, put it on hold, and picked it up after work.  So easy!

With an outfit this simple (jacket, dress, shoes), accessories are everything.   I don't wear yellow very often, so I decided to go all out and add little yellow flower post earrings to the look.  My ever-present fly brooch (this is becoming a habit...3 posts in a row featuring fly jewelry!) softened the hard lines of the blazer with a little whimsy.  I found a few bangles in my bauble collection that featured blocks of black and gold- the perfect way to add another "colorblocked" element to the look!

Finally, my ASOS book bag was the ultimate finishing touch.  The clean lines of the square shape pulled the whole outfit together, and that pop of blue was my favorite part!  Blue wasn't an obvious choice to match with the rest of the look, but since red, yellow, and blue are all primary colors they actually mix perfectly!

Fashion Tips from "Primary Care":

1.  Start with one piece-  a new pair of shoes you can't wait to wear or a pair of printed pants you've been dying to show off.  Consider the things you love about the article- the colors, the cut, etc- and think about how you can accentuate those qualities.  For the guy readers out there:  if you love how a fitted tee shows off your broad shoulders, consider a pair of slim cut jeans: the tighter cut will accentuate that manly "V" shape!

2.  Are you in need of new clothes but hate shopping?  You have a few options: you can ask me to take you shopping and I'll do all the hard work for you! Or you can turn to online pre-shopping.  Many websites have a "Find In A Store Near You" option (you might remember how this feature saved my life in this older post!) which makes shopping unbelievably easy- I was able to shop from the comfort of my desk at work and pick it up in a 10 minute trip to mall.  Pick out the pieces you want to try, give the store a call to put the items on hold for you, and say hello to stress-free shopping!

3.  Try mixing all primary or all secondary colors together for an unexpected color pop.  As you can see here, red/yellow, blue/yellow, red/blue or all three make for a clean and pulled-together combo.  My boyfriend even has one great outfit where he mixes purple and green (secondary colors) to perfection.  The colorwheel is a foolproof guide to mixing and matching!

If any of you stressed-out shoppers want to take me up on my offer, e-mail me at jdefino726@gmail.com to set up an appointment!

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