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Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Red Corvette

Dress, Cooperative Urban Outfitters.  Sweater and shoes, Target.  Bag, Ferragamo.
Today's post is a love story.  A story about a love that never gave up- even when times were tough, even when sizes were wrong, even when websites said "Out of Stock".  A story of a girl and her clothes.
Seriously, I am in love with this dress!
Our saga starts a few weeks back, in New Jersey.  While visiting with my family for Thanksgiving, we all decided to head to our local shopping district and I couldn't pass up a trip to Urban Outfitters during sale time.  This shirt dress stared at me from the sale rack, its floppy bow tie and cartoon car print calling to me.  And it was on sale for only $30!!  I had to try it.
Unfortunately it didn't fit- it was way too small.  A quick search of the store confirmed what I already feared: my size was sold out.  I asked the sales people there to track down the dress in the right size at another location, but alas- the dress had no tag!!  There was no way find it in other stores' inventory, and I resigned myself to living a life void of cartoon cuteness.

Here's the stock photo of the dress from Urban Outfitters- you can see the car print a little better and really appreciate how necessary it was for me to own this!
I scoured the Urban Outfitters website and tried every possible Google search term to find this piece online.  It was nowhere!  Instead of accepting that this dress was gone for good, I re-searched the internet every day for a week.  Finally, just as I was about to give up, it reappeared on urbanoutfitters.com!- but only in a size XS. 
Luckily, UO has a convient "Find In A Store Near You" button.  Turns out there was ONE left in my size a few towns away!!!  I called the store, put it on hold, and went to pick it up after work.  To my delight, once I picked it up I found out that it had been further discounted to $9!!!  It was the best find of my entire fashion life.

Why do I love this dress so much?  I really can't put my finger on it.  Sure, it has it's flaws- it's not a very figure-flattering shape and it's all white (a sure sign that I will spill my coffee all over it).  But the amazing things about this dress- the vintage cars, the bright colors, the subtle piping along the buttons, and the adorable bow tie- definitely outweigh the bad things. 
I paired it with an oversize red sweater from Target to keep me cozy and my navy patent Ferragmo bag added some structure to the look.  The school girl look of high-heeled Mary-Janes paired perfectly with the bow tie!  I felt like a cool librarian all day.
Fashion Tips from "Little Red Corvette":
1.  If you love a piece of clothing, don't give up!   There's a reason it's stuck in your head, so find out what that reason is and hunt it down- I guarantee you won't regret it!
2.  Give a loosey-goosey outfit some shape with a structured bag and chunky shoes. If at least one part of your outfit has clean lines, you can avoid looking sloppy in oversized pieces.
3.  Playing dress up isn't just for kids. Feeling a librarian or school-girl vibe?  Throw on a men's tie, some knee socks, or plaid for a subtle way to make a statement and make fashion fun!

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