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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gingham Style

Jacket, AG.  Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Shoes, Aldo.  Bag, H&M.

This morning, I narrowly avoided a disaterous situation.  While I'm supposed to wake up at 5:30am to get ready for work, today I opened my eyes at 6:42 and had a mini nervous breakdown- only 18 minutes to get ready, get dressed, and get to work!!  It may seem impossible, but I am happy to report that I made it to work by 7:03am thanks in part to some dangerous/skillfull driving, a pre-made breakfast and lunch, and this handly little outfit!
I first wore this combo out to the flea market last Sunday and it served me well (that's when I snapped these pics by the way).  Knowing an easy, breezy outfit was within arm's reach in my closet helped calm my nerves when I was brushing my teeth and brushing my hair at the same time!!

I hate to call it a "New Years Resolution", but since the beginning of January I've been going to a fitness boot camp a few times a week!  As someone who's never really worked out a day in her life, this lifestyle change has been fun but challenging.  To stay motivated, I've come up with a reward system for myself: progress = new clothes!  After 3 weeks of going to boot camp 3x/week, I treated myself to this fabulous gingham printed Marc by Marc Jacobs dress via Wasteland. 

I loved the mix of colors: the pink/maroon/sky blue/navy blue combination makes this piece ideal for any season.  For a summery twist I paired it with bright pink pumps and a denim jacket, but it could just as easily be worn with maroon tights and big brown boots for colder weather! 

There are so many little details in this dress that I just love:  the sleeves tie up into bows and can adjust to any length- so no tailoring needed even if you're super short or super tall!  The accordian pleating on the pockets adds a girly touch, and the cute buttons at the bust break up the busy pattern. 

My cropped denim jacket has become a wardrobe staple and I'm now a firm believer that every girl needs a short overpiece in their closet!  Since my AG denim topper ends at my waistline, it doesn't ruin the hourglass shape that this Marc by Marc dress creates.  If I had chosen a blazer that ended at my hips or an oversized flowy sweater, my figure would get lost and the ultimate effect would be frumpy. 


A purse in a contrasting print serves as another way to break up the all-over plaid look, and a quirky fly brooch from H&M was the finishing touch!

Fashion Tips from "Gingham Style":

1.  Have a few easy outfits on-hand for those days when you wake up late, feel like you have "nothing to wear", or just don't feel like getting dressed.  Knowing that I could throw this combo on and go was a huge relief admist the stress of my late morning!  A sundress + blazer set or a loose top + fitted pants combo usually works for any and all occasions.

2.  Ladies, get your hands on a cropped jacket!  A short denim style or a shrunken pea coat will provide figure-flattering warmth- no need to sacrifice fashion just becasue you're freezing!

3.  Wearing an all-over print is tricky because a bold print has the potential to steal the spotlight away from you. To make sure people still notice YOU before they notice your clothes, find ways to break up a busy pattern.  A cross-body bag (like mine here) breaks a print into smaller pieces, while a solid jacket or belt will tone it down as well. 

4.  Do you have seperate summer and winter wardrobes?  I bet if you take a second look you can make some of your clothing work double-duty!  Try out a "summer" dress with thick tights and a blazer, or try an oversized "winter" sweater with cutoff denim shorts.  You might find you have more options than you think you do!

I'll leave you with some silly pictures of me attempting to capture a spin on camera.

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