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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well Read

Shirt, F21.  Sweater, Ralph Lauren.  Pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim.  Bag, ASOS.  Necklace, vintage.

A few weeks ago I got a request from a reader for a post on how to wear wide leg pants, which may have actually been the highlight of my life as a blogger!  One of my goals as a stylist is to help people feel more comfortable making their own fashion statements, so if you have any questions at all about how to wear a piece of clothing or try out a new trend, please ask!  I'd love to make Hell or High Fashion as interactive as possible.

I picked up these white wide leg 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers at Crossroads (a second-hand shop) a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear them ever since.  Skin tight pants have been popular for so long that wearing such a loose, relaxed pair felt really refreshing!  One thing to remember with a long pair of pants: heel height is everything!  You want the bottoms of the pants to just about touch the ground, so heels are usually a must.  Tailor your pants to a length that works for your favorite high-heels.
My white pants seemed to be giving off a sailor vibe, so I went with nautical stripes up top.  The layerd sweater/collared shirt combo was very menswear, so a sparkly tie necklace finished off the look perfectly! I think a feminine touch is important when attempting to pull off a daring pant, and a dainty, sparkly take on a traditional male accessory seems to say, "I may be wearing pants, but I'm still a lady!"

The most exciting part of my outfit though was for sure my new BOOK CLUTCH!   I've seen these amazing purses disguised as books everywhere lately; Kate Spade has a collection of classics and Charlotte Olympia has made some too.  Those retail for $300 and over- totally out of my price range.  So when this little beauty popped up on ASOS.com for $35, I couldn't say no! 
I am thrilled with my purchase; I took this book-bag to a bar yesterday and got complimented by the bouncer, the waitors, and friends alike.  One girl even thought I was carrying around my Bible!  Love it.


Another way to wear wide-leg pants in to pair them with a crop top!  It's recently become acceptable again to show a little midriff in public, so I say go for it.  A look like this is bursting with confidence, and that's really all you need to pull off and out-there outfit.  If you wear your wide trousers and belly shirt with pride, no one will have a negative thing to say!

Here are a few other way to wear a pair of pants like this:
- Tuck in a fitted button down and finish off the look with a wide leather belt
- A shell blouse (a shirt with a boxy cut) would lay flush with the width of the pants for a cool 60s vibe
- A tight shirt with a shrunken blazer on top is the perfect business-appropriate pairing

Fashion Tips from "Well Read":
1.  Don't be afraid to wear something weird!  If you fall in love with a piece of clothing that isn't a regular part of your wardrobe, research different ways to wear it- or just ask me!  Never let fear stop you from indulging in fashion.
2.  If you're attempting to wear long, wide trousers, make sure the length of the pant is perfect.  If they are too long you'll look like a little kid playing dress up, and if they are too short you'll look stumpy.  Fit is everything!
3. Usually all you need to authentically pull off a look that you're not used to is a smile!  Confidence is ultimately the most important accessory- so if you feel cool in your outfit, everyone else will think you're cool, too!
What else do you guys want to ask?  Let me know and I'll do a personalized post for every question I get!


  1. Jess, I love, love, LOVE both of these outfits!! You look great, I'm so glad LA is working out for you! Hope you are well!- Marissa

  2. I love the clutch!