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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Skirt, belt, and bag; vintage.  Jacket, AG.  Tee, F21.  Sunlasses, Ralph Lauren.
Boston was spoiled by 60+ degree weather the other day, so I threw on one of my favorite springtime outfits and celebrated with a photo shoot in the park!

These pictures were taken by the wonderful Zash Chinhara, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.  Finally, some fancy pictures for my loyal readers to look at!

Shoes, F21.
While not a week goes by that I don't add something to my closet, whenever spring rolls around I find myself reaching for the same old things.  This skirt, for example, has been a staple for almost 2 years now, and I think the reason the picnic-blanket print gets worn over and over is the fact that it's vintage.  It's not trying to look like a current trend; it's very plainly something from another era- and that's always in style!

I belted a vintage waist-cincher over it for a paper-bag feel and threw Nanny's old 60's purse into the mix as well.

Once the weather starts warming up, almost every one of my outfits gets topped off with my denim jacket.   It's another piece that really never goes out of style.  Granted, an acid-wash, oversized, shoulder-padded denim jacket isn't going to cut it in 2011, but a classic, cropped style like my AG jeans version will last you for years to come.

As always, pearls and nude pumps go with any look.

Also, look what I finally broke down and bought myself:

Ring, Alex Monroe.

My mouse ring!!  I wear it every single day...since the detail is so small and inobtrusive, I feel like it's a private joke that only I'm in on whenever I look down at it.  To the outside world, it looks like a simple and sophisticated gold ring;  little do they know, it really cements my status as a crazy cat lady.  :)

I might be overloading you with pictures, but I think my outfits look so much better through Zash's lens!! Don't you?


  1. wooo my lovely niece, i cant wait until i get you back in the studio where you belong...btw nice dress ;)

  2. Jess!! These came out great! You looked so adorable Im so glad I got to see you. These are just awesome.


  3. Hi Jess, I'm Karisa's mom...i just had to comment! I hope you don't mind. I think I've told you before..you are so beautiful! I just love your blog! You are so right about certain pieces of fashion. I've always been a good one to save things over the years..and you know, they never go out of style. My aunt was a fashion designer and use to give me a lot of clothes, accessories and I still have some of them...bags, jackets, belts...and they are back in style or have never gone out. Everyone always makes fun of me for saving things, but I'm glad I have. I have a short denim jacket that is like yours...I got it years ago...hahaha! Good for you! You have great taste! Love your look!!! Keep on with your blog!! Enjoyed it!