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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink Lady

On New Year's Eve, I did the unthinkable: I rang in the New Year sans lipstick.  

I spent all of New Year's Eve day planning outfits in my head, and I took a lot of inspiration from the 1960s.  I knew I wanted to do heavy, Twiggy-esque eye makeup and tease my hair up into a bouffant, and I had just purchased some Pepto-pink pumps that I wanted to wear.  This combination left no room for my signature red lips, and the New Year is all about change, right?  So I went bare-lipped, and it was so freeing! 

Sweater, F21.  Skirt, Carolina Herrera.  Bag, Vintage.  Shoes, Aldo.

While I've still been rocking red most days of 2013, my NYE experience has opened me up to more pucker possibilities: glossy lips, nude lips, purple lips- but most of all, pink lips!  I've been so obsessed with this new look that I planned a whole outfit to match my mouth- there's just something so classic and classy about one head-to-toe color!

My newest heels (a great find at Wasteland) were an obvious choice, and a vintage Carolina Herrara skirt (that I wore WAY back in 2011 here) completed the pink trifecta.  Because head-to-toe pink seems a tad over the top, a mod black and white sweater provided some contrast but still kept up with the 1960s mood I've been feeling lately.  I added a vintage bag handed down to me from my Nanny, teased my hair up a little bigger than usual and swiped on my new favorite lipstick and my outfit was almost complete!

Earrings, F21 (customized by me).  Ring, Alexis Bittar.  Brooch, H&M.

I had some fun with my jewelry and decided on a "garden" theme- bugs and flowers aplenty.  Collecting animal jewelry is one of my hobbies, so I had plenty of garden creatures to choose from.  Today I added a fly brooch, flower earrings, and a beetle ring to my 60s look.  It's so important to have fun dressing up, and little add-ons like an animal pin, a printed scarf, or even frilly socks make a fashion statement so much more personal!

Fashion Tips from "Pink Lady": 

1.  Find part of your look that is the same everyday (for instance, do you always part your hair in the middle? Do you throw the same hoodie on over everything?) and change it up!  Maybe it won't stick, but the spirit of change will inspire you to see yourself and your style in new ways!

2.  Anything can be a jumping-off point for a new look or outfit, so be open to anything!  The idea of a 60s bouffant hairdo translated into a mood/lipstick/trend change in my wardrobe- maybe an 80s song on the radio will inspire you to break out your legwarmers, or a finding a new recipe to try out might trigger a 50s housewife phase.

3.  Want to try a matchy-matchy look?  You have some options!  To test head-to-toe color, vary the shades: classic denim paired with a bright blue tee shirt and a navy blazer makes for a modern monochrome moment.  For a look that is similar to the one I wore here, try wearing a dress and shoes of the same shade and break it up with a neutral belt at the waist. 

4.  Pencil skirts (a straight up-and-down cut that usually stops below the knee) like the one I wore here are traditionally worn with tight fitting tops, button downs, or blazers.  Try an oversize sweater or even a peplum top for a new spin on a classic piece. 

5.  Make your hair and makeup an extension of your outfit- this one goes for guys too!  The same way an interview-appropriate outfit can be ruined by messy hair or an unruly beard, a fancy updo or freshly trimmed mustache can elevate a basic look.

My next post is going to be about taking inspiration from a personal style icon.  Who are your favorite fashionistas (or fashionistos)??

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