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Saturday, May 28, 2011

American Beauty

Sweater, Ralph Lauren.  Shorts, Vintage.  Belt, Pierre Cardin  Shoes, Mossimo.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I wanted to celebrate the great USofA by wearing red, white, and blue (which just happen to be my favorite colors anyway...) for a lovely Saturday of exploring Boston with an old friend.  The Ralph Lauren sweater and vintage shorts combine to create a casual chic look; I was comfortable enough to walk around town all day, but I still felt pulled-together!

This first picture could totally be a snapshot from the 1950s...I love the timelessness of classic pieces!

Lately I've fallen into a rut of sorts, choosing to exclusivly wear dresses.  Dresses are an obvious choice for me because they provide a full outfit in just one piece- but I've decided to challenge myself for the next couple days and focus on mixing and matching seperates to create new and exciting looks!  It definitely makes getting dressed in the morning more fun.

I've also been neglecting to indulge in the outfit-changing power of accessories.  So today I piled on the pearls, cinched my waist with a belt, and carried around my navy patent Ferragamo tote bag to add some intrigue to the simple sweater/shorts combo.

Then I added some vintage sunnies!

Went for a little stroll along the Charles River...Boston really is a beautiful city and I'll be sad when I leave it soon!  Although I've lived here for 4 years, I feel like there is so much I still haven't seen...

A big thanks to Patrick for snapping these pics!!

And an even bigger thanks to all the troops who keep us safe every day :)
Happy Memorial Day!

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