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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to Black

Dress, Nanette Lepore.  Shoes, F21.  Necklace, Zoom.

Over the years I've tried out pretty much every trend and style possible- I had a graphic tee phase in middle school, in high school I was into neon brights and Converse sneakers, and my earlier college years fell victim to the grungy hipster look at times.   All of these styles were fun to experiment with, but none really fit my personality perfectly.  After what feels like endless searching, I think I finally figured out what looks best on me!

This little black dress is currently the MVP of my closet.  The simple shift cut is basic but intriguing- the fabric is broken up at the waist to look like seperates, and it's finished off with a dainty bow at the center.    Because the fit is a bit loose and the collar is high, I can get away with the fact that this piece also boasts  the miniest of mini skirts.  

It's also the perfect backdrop for this amazing pearl and gold chain necklace I recently purchased.  The dress and the jewels really compliment each other- the simple silhouette lets this funky piece shine, while the necklace amps up the basic black.  

I added some flair with my leopard print pumps, and threw on my fave H&M bomber jacket when it got too cold to go sleeveless!

I love this outfit because I feel like it showcases the kind of person I am.  The black dress and pearls let people know that I'm classic, but the cool details like the short hemline and chunky chains play up my fun side, while the hint of leopard gives a sneak peek at my wild streak.   

Although I'm sure I'll sample more trends as they come and go, it's good to know that I have a fool-proof look to fall back on!

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