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Friday, July 27, 2012


Dress, DVF.  Shoes, Zara.  Jewelry, Alexis Bittar.  Headband, Skylark.

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday, and it just might have been the best birthday I ever had- thanks to the wonderful people in my life and the FABULOUS gifts I was given :)

Example of how lucky I am:  I found this DVF wrap dress at Wasteland a few days ago, and debated getting it.  I loved it, but thought it was too long and too loud and passed it up.  Of course I regretted that decision the second I got home and figured I'd swing by Wasteland later in the week to finally purchase it for myself.  I lamented my poor judgement to my friend Annika (http://annikadotbenitz.blogspot.com/) and she told me that I should definitely go back to get it.  

Well, I went back on my birthday and the dress was gone!  I was pretty bummed out and was kicking myself for not buying it right away.  Later that night, Annika handed me my birthday gift- the DVF dress I'd been talking about non-stop!!  

 Example 2:  My man and I had been exploring the shops on Abbot Kinney a few weeks ago when this amazing kitty carry-all stopped me in my tracks.  I knew it was perfect for me, but I'd been on a bit of a spending spree and had to leave it.  I was excited beyond words when my guy surprised me with it on my birthday-- 23 may be too old to carry around a bag like this but I don't care!!  I feel incredibly blessed to have people in my life who know me so well :)

Of course I had to wear both gifts as soon as possible, and I felt amazing all day.   The wrap dress is, as always, the most flattering article of clothing in the world, and my cat purse added some playfulness to the look.  A spiked headband, Alexis Bittar jewels, and black Mary Jane pumps all gave the outfit a little more pizzazz. 

Is this not the most amazing cuff you've ever seen??  The dragonfly is so quirky and fun- a must-have! It's from my favorite jewelry designer, Alexis Bittar (of course).  

These pieces will always feel a little bit more special to me because of the thoughtfulness and love behind them.  Thank you to everyone who made my birthday a day to remember!!


  1. Oh that dress is perfect, I love the cut and the fabric! Lucky you! :)

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